IRC chat suggestions for Sim

Hi Sim,

Awesome forum BTW :)

Just noticed that the chat client uses a Java applet to connect to the IRC server for the web chat facility.

What I wanted to ask is if it's possible to install a php web based interface to the chat room. The connection would run like this:

user -> web browser -> php chat -> irc server and vice versa

with messages passed back and forth via http.

I know software to do this already exists. The reason I'm asking is that I and I'm sure many others are behind corporate firewalls that won't allow access to IRC ports, but do allow access to http ports... Then I could get onto the chats at work which would be a damn site more interesting than the work itself :)

What do you think?

The software can be found here:

Seems nice and stable and shouldn't chew that much bandwidth.

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I have seen this software in action... several people I know have used it to access the forum in the past - there was a server in the UK running it - but they got hacked, which does not inspire confidence in the softare (I don't know details of the attack). But it is certainly a workable way of accessing the chatroom for those people who can't use the Java client.

However, CGI:IRC is not PHP, but rather is a Perl script that you run as a CGI. I am not really keen on running this on Ian's servers.
Thanks for that Adam.

Unfortunately that IRC gateway you mentioned is NOT part of the standard PHP distribution, and must be installed manually - something we cannot do. What's more, it requires you to run a particular web server, which is not something we would be able to do either.

phpChat looks promising, but there are a few acknowledged bugs in it at the moment which can cause problems for the php server. I'll check it out and see how we go.