Is an ensuite addition possible?

Hi all,
Seeking advice from builders/architects/gun renovators out there.
Looking at this property layout, would it be possible to add an ensuite between northern property boundary and 4.2x3.4m bedroom. As the property stands, there is 900mm width between the northern wall of the bedroom and fence boundary.
What would be the minimum permissible bathroom width? Understand that the minimum shower footprint would be 900x900mm, would want to fit a basin& toilet in to, could i work with 1.2x4.2m space? Want to avoid coming back into the master bedroom space too much.
Alternatively, could consider putting a second bathroom somewhere else on the property. Open to suggestions.


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Anything's possibl (STCA).

A long slender room. You've already got a wc in a similar position at the front so you may get away with a similar room for the ensuite. Shower at one end, wc at the other, slimline vanity, sliding door.

Issues - access to build as you are creating an inaccessible lightwell area (or installed a door from the bedroom).
The most simple option would be to add a narrow ensuite within the buildings existing footprint.

I would look at putting it backing onto the kitchen and turning the long bedroom (4.7x3.3) into the Master. Yes it is smaller than the actual master bedroom, but it will still be an ok size for a Master - and it means you can add the ensuite without extending the dwelling at all (less hassle, much cheaper too).

You can make the ensuite very narrow as you can see here. Yes this sink is totally useless but you could fit a small vanity in the same space and/or do a recessed mirror/medicine cabinet into the wall...


This bathroom is approx 1000mmW + wall thickness of approx 100mm, so you'd be left with a bedroom size of 3600x3300mm. You'd just need to re-place or re-hang the bedroom door so it opened the other way.
I agree with Jane's thinking provided you are happy to lose the fireplace and the finished floor allows for the plumbing installation. Much cheaper than extending the footprint, and doesn't result in difficult lightwell access.
Same as the previous posters, the most logical place is backing onto the kitchen. We've got a very small ensuite which has the shower at one end, toilet at the other, and a slim vanity opposite the door.
Anyone who has been on a Cruise Ship will know just how small a space a bathroom can be.!! lol

I dropped the soap once... the door handle and I are still currently dating :/ lol
Marg!! you beat me to it!! i second to go out to the porch. take the whole lot and go premium as i am assuming the area demands ensuites.

Or option 2. i am not a fan of the current bathroom/ldy/toilet arrangement. Perhaps make 3.4x2.7 the ensuite room move ldy into garage (you only need a washing machine, dryer above and mini tub these days. Then re-jig the configuration to get the toilet next to bathroom and an ensuite. Look at losing "C" to extend the bedroom and add storage elsewhere.