Is it time for Laverton yet?

Have continuously started to hear from a variety of sources about Laverton as a good investment suburb. 18 km to CBD and easy access to freeway/Laverton Zone 1 train station. Can take as little as 15 minutes into CBD via freeway.

It is basically the next suburb west after Altona in terms of proximity to City and also still a fraction of the price (low 300, 350k median). Wouldn?t call it a coastal suburb but not very far from coast. Schools and shops also. It seems like the next suburbs over are all increasing in price already but access to city and freeway not as good.

Another interesting thing I?ve noticed is that old homes are now starting to be demolished and quite a few brand new developments have started popping up in the area and the council is pretty keen to rebuild so permits are easily approved. I know this usually takes time but Laverton is not a big area and it shouldn?t take that long for developers to go through the area. Blocks are big enough to subdivide and I often see 2 townhouses going up on a block ? 3 on bigger blocks or corners. Once the number of new properties outweigh the old ones the area will be very appealing to a lot of people.

These new properties are occupied by an upper socio economic employed class and are already selling for up to 400k with decent rental yield. My mortgage broker has recently purchased IPs here and keeps telling me to do the same. Interesting times ahead maybe especially since Laverton is not yet regarded as an up and coming suburb. Areas like Sunshine, Sunshine West, Albion, Brooklyn, Footscray, Maidstone were all really rough areas (they still are) but prices are high and soaring. What are people's thoughts - might be a matter of when not if but as the saying goes if you hear about it in the newspaper it?s already too late...
Some good points but ultimately Laverton is associated with Industrial. Even on the semi main roads in the area there is ALWAYS semi trucks. People simply don't like living around that kind of thing.

But that aside and apart from development of old housing is there anything major happening? What is the councils movement in the area?
Laverton North is definitely industrial but the residential suburb of Laverton is pretty good and I spend a bit of time there as I have a few friends that live there and I don't see many trucks until you get out onto the main roads in Laverton North. ILaverton is also right next to Williams Landing and have you seen how much people are paying for land there? It is unreal. Another bonus I think is that Laverton is under Hobsons Bay city council..
You can still get houses in Sunshine West in the $300's.

I don't know Laverton that much however anything in Laverton not within walking distance from the station, I rate Sunshine West as a better suburb.

Compare prices to the cheapest parts of Sunshine West to areas of Laverton not close to the station and go from there.
The cheaper houses in sunshine west are the ones not in GRZ so they are restricted in terms of developments (one dwelling per block maybe two if you meet certain criteria). The houses in GR zone (only a tiny area in Sunshine west) are well into the 400s and 500s already. A property sold at auction in Deer Park for 406k. 690m2 block not on a corner and you needed 10% deposit on the spot. This house was rough and needed work. But it was in the GR zone. Big difference.
Zone 1 doesn't mean anything as the same cheap fares now apply out to Werribee & even Lara.

Laverton itself just has rundown shops and awkward roads that make travel longer than it should be (eg to Altona Meadows shops). But if Williams landing town centre develops & there's a more direct road connection then that should help.


Lavernton is just one of those areas associated with industrial and another issue is you have other near by suburbs that are a bit nicer and well developed.

A few years ago Lavernton was booming, everything was selling but another recent challenge is that there are so many units that have been built.
You can make good money in laverton if you know the market well. My best returns have been in laverton. I wouldn't live there but certainly improving.
I agree that Sunshine West is the better option of the two. Noisy roads are one factor you just can't change (as an investor); and this will probably inhibit growth over time.
I agree that Sunshine West is the better option of the two. Noisy roads are one factor you just can't change (as an investor); and this will probably inhibit growth over time.

+1 Sunshine West significantly better buy than Laverton......anything around Sunshine is the way to go in my opinion!
I agree with OP. Laverton is definitely underrated and has potential. I would much rather be associated with Hobsons Bay council than Brimbank council. Not sure why some people here are concerned with industrial, yes there are industrial areas near Laverton but the actual residential suburb is fine. Besides Kensington, Brooklyn, certain parts of Sunshine west are no better. Laverton is basically the next cheap suburb in line and all the more expensive areas around it will have a knock on effect.
I have recently invested in Laverton mainly due to its access to local jobs and CBD. Being close to industrial areas only means there are more jobs in the area which will encourage people to live there. Williams landing prices are getting very high - once Williams Landing develops a little bit further it will basically border Laverton AND Laverton has better freeway access and won't be affected much by the Truganina and WL traffic.. No brainer for me.
Fair enough, seems as though Laverton is getting plenty of love from people with their first post lol. Or could be people thinking they're really going to change the market there and people will now rush out buy their properties there lol
From what I've been hearing most of the action has been in the east and south east. Didn't think the west was doing much.
I hope nobody buys in laverton. If you buy in laverton you will lose money! Stick with sunshine west.

didn't you say you can make good money in laverton in your last post?

I've been trying to get into sunshine west but if it has development potential it's nudging 500k