Is it worth the taking out the NAB choice package?

Our NAB mobile lender just went ahead and did our loan including the package I didnt notice at the time until she mentioned it at the end, We have a Defence home loan so already get .7% off the variable rate.

Our loan is 410k am I better off on the package or just the regular loan. I cant seem to work it out based on the info on the site.
Ask your mortgage broker to explain fully the benefits of the package and then you will be able to decide if it is appropriate for you.
isnt one of the main benefits of the package that you pay your $400 (or whatever) for 0.7% off the interest rate...if you already get that, you might want to find out what your $400 is good for. only you can really make the decision...dont let them tell you the choice package is the only option.
I have been in the Choice package for 3 years. Main attraction was the discount rates, but fee free cheques, cards, ATM etc etc were appealing, plus the fee is deductible. You get discounts on insurance, FP and stockbroking should you be that way inclined.

Looking to expand to something more flexible now but Choice was a good starting point.
I have sent her an email. I worked out that with our current basic credit card and account keeping fees etc only totals about $185. We have gold banking and over 5k is deposited each month so no fees there.

Waiting to hear from her. I told her if we could have a platinum card foc then we would stick with the choice package otherwise I cant see that its worth it.