is Ringwood/ Ringwood East a good place to stay?


I am seeking for advice to purchase our own house.

I started looking at Vermont, as heard that it is pretty decent suburb. However, it is not too close to train station, and the price seems to be picking up. Now I am looking at Ringwood/ Ringwood East as the price is definitely much more attractive, and there are train station at Ringwood/ Ringwood East (the trip to the city is about 50 minutes, which is not too bad).

I also need to consider the schooling of my kids. In Ringwood, there are Ringwood Secondary College and Eastwood Primary School. Any idea if the schools are good? (Ringwood SC seems to have impressive VCE results?).

Ringwood/ Ringwood East is far from CBD, so I won't expect a huge capital growth. But I think it is ok, as what I need now is a decent place for the family to live in which is close to amendities. Ringwood/ Ringwood East seems to tick those boxes (train station, schools, shopping)

Any thing that you can share about Ringwood/ Ringwood East? e.g. is there any particular area that is nicer/ newer? or any particular area that have older houses? any bad things that I should know abt Ringwood (e.g. is it a 'safe' neighbourhood, is there enough parking space at the train station etc)?

Hmmm...might depend on your definition of "nice" :D If you're into doing doughies and street drags, "safe" from police, then these suburbs may disappoint..;)


The Y-man

p.s. I'd recheck your figures about captial growth in the area!! yes, it's a decent distance from the City BUT: eastlink + eastern fwy for car access, trains run express from Box Hill to the City in various configuraitons (eg stopping Camberwell, Glenferrie only etc, which can cut travel time)
If you're thinking PPOR and if you don't need to be near the train station I'd go for Ringwood North / Warranwood. FAR nicer area in my opinion.
I live in Mitcham which is on the city side of Ringwood. Much quieter, leafy suburb with better access to the freeway (freeway runs under Mitcham). Only 5 minutes to Eastland shopping center and better access to public transport.
Other options

Does that apply for all of Ringwood? I'm surprised at how cheap it is out there. People go on about Frankston North but it's nearer Melbourne and looks to be a better proposition or am I missing something?

Would that also apply to Croydon and the further out suburbs in that arc. Once you're on the train going to Melbourne another station or two wont matter it seems to me.

it used to be zone 3 up until a few years ago which meant public transport from there to the city cost quite a bit, heatherdale station used to be the last zone 2.

For what its worth i purchased my first place (since sold it) in 'vermont' basically opposite the Manhattan pub it actually wasn't to bad to live there and was ~10 minutes walk to the train. I sold it for a very good profit but did renovations to it so can't claim it was just growth.
I think the reason they like Frankston North is because it's close to the water and Frankston itself is pretty big so has a lot to offer. However, not everyone likes the beach. I grew up in Lilydale (not too far from Ringwood) which is near the Yarra Valley, and I myself am a beach person so I tend to go for bayside areas. However, everyone else in my family prefers the country and you couldn't pay them to move to a beach within Melbourne. Also, the bay is limited, whereas there's far more inland areas so I guess that's another reason people prefer the beach for investing.

I almost bought a house in Ringwood North a few years ago (glad I didn't as I soon discovered the 'big city' :) and moved there instead) and I wouldn't hesitate to live there if I wasn't able to afford the inner suburbs. The only downside is if you needed train access, you'd need to drive to the station. Otherwise it has everything else going for it, close to Eastlink/Eastern Freeway, lots of trees, nice homes, schools, Eastland etc. etc. And Julie I agree, for a PPOR you couldn't pay me to live in Frankston North but I'd quite happily pay to live in Ringwood North! Suburbs in that area I like (to live, not sure what people's opinions would be to invest) are Ringwood North, Warranwood, Wonga Park, Croydon Hills, Lilydale, then maybe some pockets of Mooroolbark, Croydon, Kilsyth (but I think they're a bit on the rough side).

Is that list in order of best to worst? There doesn't seem much for sale in those areas but Ringwood seems to have lots of 3 BR homes that look reasonable in the pictures at least.
When I was growing up Ringwood and its surrounds were where the wild boys lived. Now I suppose they've got older like me :< but I suppose their kids are a handful now. The other area was Williamstown, Altona etc where you wound up the windows and drove through. Now it seems people are happy to wind the windows down. Same people or has something changed?

Ringwood and Ringwood East have much going for them.

Myrtle Cottage, in Great Ryrie Street, has never been short of a tenant and the neighbourhood amenities - Jubilee Park, the Aquatic Centre, Eastland, the ByPass etc - are terrific and getting better by the day.

For stability and long term growth Ringwood takes some beating. Every area has a cycle of nuisance but in the long run it comes down to the individual street and the individual property

Each deal is different, each property is unique. I have a number of customers scattered around Ringwood / Heathmont / Croydon and they have all seen stability with rentals and good growth, even over the past few years. However, each purchase took the usual months of inspecting everything for sale and the usual grinding negotiations for purchase.

Would I live there? Without a doubt. Newcomer, if you are looking at the whole schools / family / home situation, the Ringwood East Village has some great businesses and Ringwood East - being hilly and well timbered, is a pocket many people overlook.

North Ringwood and Warrandyte are good alternatives, but the convenience of being closer to the rail lines cannot be underestimated.

Good luck with your search. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Home is where the heart is. You could do a lot worse than the Ringwood Croydon area

I recently purchased a little further to the east at Croydon North. I would say it is quite a nice area. In fact I would suggest ringwood east over ringwood as it is more quiet, more leafy. Disadvantage is you get only one train line at ringwood east. BTW Ringwood east to city is like 45 min in express trains in morning. Eastland shopping and maroondah public hospital is very close as well.
North Ringwood and Warrandyte are good alternatives, but the convenience of being closer to the rail lines cannot be underestimated.

I used to think Warrandyte (centrlal) would be great to live in, but after the fires this year, I'm having second thoughts....


The Y-man