is the site working right now ?

Hi people.
For some reason won't come through for me this last week.
I'm using the latest opera 10.
It was coming through ok but lately I'm only getting the top and left side of the page - no property ads ?
Domain works ok and anything else I do works ok !


Ps , Maybe it's the Gods telling me to forget property for awhile and have a holiday !
Thanks people
Hmm , weird , still not working. I'll try re-setting opera back to standard default settings for starters , pretty sure one of my tweaks has upset it in that case , pop-up settings or something.

Happy new year.

Uh Hu. Something upset Opera , I have back in full now.

I had Opera set at 150% zoom and some other adjustments so for now all back to standard and working fine again , will trim the fat later.