Is there anyway to check potiential tenants credi/renting history?

Hi Dear All,

Is there anyway to find out a potential tenant's credit and /or renting history as a self-managed loandlord?

Thank you for any input!!
There is a website called landlords choice who will advertise on for you and do a check of the tenancy databases for your short listed applicants.

Failing that you have to get chummy with your local property manager, and probably fork over some cash.
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Hi BeeP,

Don't worry about paying someone - if you only have a few - I can do it for you. Just email me the details. Also, I can give you some guidelines on what to ask references if you need help on this too.

Also, you can use the free rent calculator:

This is a really useful tool.


Hi BeeP, sounds like you've got some help already. I'd take lura up on the offer. I'm a self-managed landlord. I check my tenants thoroughly. I ask for previous addresses and I contact the previous landlords. I also ask for personal referees and I contact them. I check they have a job and I phone their employer. Don't be afraid to ask for the details and to check them. Let the prospective tenant know you'll be checking.

Having lived next door to the tenant from hell ... in a property managed by an agent with a database record which checked out okay ... because she used another name. Was eventually evicted, did a midnight flit (funnily enough, similar to how she moved in ...) and left the house trashed.

Don't rely just on the records a database can give you ... do your other checks and go on gut feeling. I was hesitant to take on my own property management but did so when a fellow investor reminded me that as a paramedic I have a good feeling for good and bad in people (hey, it comes with the job!). I've been rewarded with good tenants and positive outcomes since.

Good luck!
Quick note also.. these databases do exist however for a landlord to register someone as having been a problem tennant in the past it actually costs money so many don't do it. This means that many tennants don't end up on the database even through they may have caused problems in the past.

Another good to do.. as well as calling their past property managers to speak to them, ask them to provide you with a payment report (they can black out personal information), it's more to do with you seeing that the tennants paid their rent on time in the past.

Wishing you every success, Ana
Tell them to bring their bond reciepts and rental records along with their references, when they come to the open.

Tell them they're not obliged to, but ever little bit counts if they want to secure the house ;).

That will cut out a few applicants but the ones that produce them will usually have little to hide.

Just make sure you get a few weeks of reciepts to rule out an existing tribunal order, and look out for irregular amounts.