Is this standard practice

I went to an opening at weekend and decided it was the one. Spoke to the agent who said no Sect 32 available and 'give me a ring on Monday'.

Just did so and he tells me still no Sect 32 and 'will have to get on to the owners about it'. When I asked if it was actually for sale on Saturday he said yes, but the owners haven't decided to sell or auction - they just wanted to 'test the waters'.

Is this usual? And am I right to assume that this is going to be a whole lot more trouble than it's worth? Do vendors often put a For Sale sign up prior to deciding on auction?
Not having a section 32 in time for the first (couple of) open(s) is pretty common.

On the other hand, they usually have usually made up their minds about an auction or not!


The Y-man
There have been a number of occasions when looking at various properties, the s32 has only been ready a few days before the auction and this has been after a 4 week marketing campaign :(

Maybe they are wanting to assess the level of interest prior to committing to the expense of getting the s32 together.

As for the REA comments, if you like, set a price that you think its worth and get on the front foot but only after you get the s32. In the meantime, keep looking at alternatives.