Is this what having a property manager is like?

I've had an interstate property manager for about 11 months. None of the water useage accounts have been paid to me although I've got the waterwise certificate, and passed on account to the Pm to be re-imbursed. Just emailed PM and receive an automated message from email account that it's no longer valid.

Should property management agency advise you someone no longer works there?

Should property management agency advise if rent should be increased also?

Or am I just expecting too much after managing my own properties?

What service do other get?
this sounds like shocking service. I would not keep them around. I get excellent service from my ACT/NSW property manager. They let me know 8 or 9 weeks before property lease is due to expire, let me know what it is now worth, let me know if the tenants are worth keeping and suggest a rent increase (usually a little lower than the market value if the tenant is really good), then they ask if I want the increase and how much. Then they let me know once the new lease is signed. On the other hand, I haven't been able to get the same service for my SA properties, so I self-manage for the moment.
They proably should, but like most things in life, and most jobs, they do exactly and only enogh to get home at the end of the day and a pay check at the end of the week. I'd suggest you need to be a little more pro active, perhaps diarize a couple of months prior to the next lease renewal/ inspection etc. Check out comparable rents in before you ask them if the rent needs increasing etc.
And i presume you have contacted the agency directly immediately after getting the automated email back?

I'd suggest getting straight out of there, not even a question. They should be keeping a very close eye on their rent roll and how they treat their landlords, as an agencies rent roll is there only secure asset.
Hey invstor...I'm looking for Property managers in Brisbane at the moment....can you PM me the name of that agency - it sounds like the one that my brother uses, big company but high turnover of property managers etc so very little consistancy (there's only a couple of big PM companies in Brisbane that I've found, hopefully this one is the same as his otherwise I'll have to look elsewhere).
Ha, just had another automated message in relation to another PM that has been in contact with me recently. So yep - high turnover! Lease is up soon, so need new agency before it gets too messy.
It's up to landlords to hold their PMs to account. A big part of this is regular contact, particularly when milestone dates arise (inspections, end of lease approaching). A professional and competant PM will contact their client when these key dates are approaching.

The consequences of not personally keeping tabs on your PM and property can be very serious, from lost opportunities to increase rent or change tenants, to lack of periodical maintenance which can lead to fixtures requiring replacement much earlier and unexpectedly, compared with if they had been properly and regularly maintained.
Not all PM's are that bad!

INVSTOR, sounds like you have a shocker!

It comes back down to choosing the property manager - not the property management company name.

There are still alot of cowboys in Brisbane - I know, I see it everyday...

You as an owner should not have to remind your property managers when leases and rent increases are due. Nor is it your responsibility to assess how much rent should be at the moment. A professional property manager will provide you with a current market comparison - because generally they know the condition, location and size of the various houses/units in their areas. Then they should be able to provide you with a professional opinion based on your tenant and your needs and allow you to make final decision. They should be able to advise you what your legal obligations are for each and every matter especially at the moment since in Qld, our legisilation changed 12 months ago.

The fact that you have not been advised of a new property manager - well, that is management's fault there. You should really be choosing a company where you have direct contact with the owner of the business.
So regardless of when a property manager no longer works there - you can still discuss your matters with the owner or manager.

I can't comment on the email bit - I'm in the middle of changing over my emails - but if it is just a change of property managers - this account should have been redirected to the admin account for reception to attend to.

You just have a bad property manager...take action and change - I like to let new owners try my services for the first few months with no fees - and if they don't like the service, they are not bound by the ridiculous 60 day clauses many agencies hold their owners to...I transfer ASAP - no cost to owners.

If you want to change, ask a lot of questions - I have a list (long) of questions if you want - just PM me.
I don't know what's going on, it's not the PM's at all!

There's something going on with my email. The PM's do still work there, I've sent them messages before, but for some reason they are coming back as undeliverable.

I do get an email about every 3-4 months from someone informing me that they're my new PM, I just hope they're getting younger and hotter!
yEP, big name agency, still there.

That’s your problem – The bigger offices lose track of it all, they have so many managements they can’t service each and everyone to the fullest. A major problem is, a PM brings good money – At least $60k seems to be where the good ones start at, here in Brisbane.

Most office’s can’t justify these costs and still live in the dark age of PM’s only earning half that.

No excuses at all, but this is something investors forget time and time again. The big guys only care about sales; your managements are only of real interest when you wish to sell them.

Start looking for an office with a smaller rent roll, who can offer a proper hands on approach and service.
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Josh G, sorry to say, I dont believe that your generalisations are correct. I know of many larger business's where there is an excellant structure and spirit, that the clients and customers enjoy first rate service. At the same time, I know of smaller business's, as well as specialised PM or Sales business's where the structure and spirit is poor, and in my view, the clients and customers then do not enjoy a high standard of service. I do have a lot of people tell me, that they can get a feeling, just being in the reception area for a while, and observing the interreaction, of staff with clients and customers, or themselves.
I’ve worked for the third largest QLD Ray White office in QLD, on a quiet month we would be doing $30million worth of sales, down to small “boutique” offices and a multinational in Brisbane’s CBD, I can assure you the big offices, in my experience lack a more personal, hands on service.

How can you honestly agree that someone with 2000 managements can give the same attention across the board, as an office with 500, when most principals won’t hire more PM’s than sales staff.

I can’t say that’s true for everyone, obviously. However, my current office does nothing to grow their rent roll other than accept management transfers from un-happy clients who come from these “big guys”.