Is this worth to buy?(Seven Hills Sydney)

If you're looking for a place to live in yourself, why would you choose an area you don't know? We don't know what you want either.

Seven Hills is not too bad for a PPOR or even IP; it is very close to Parramatta (2nd CBD) plus close to Blacktown with its huge Westfield /Westpoint?

However, there is a part of Seven Hills that has got quite a bit of Housing Commission; take that on board as part of your decision making.

I think that price may be quite a bit above median price for that area; if it were me (and you are not!) i may go closer to places even closer to P'matta like Pendle Hill, Toongabbie, Girraween. (i just bought in Greystanes, an IP tho').

That way should you upgrade to another PPOR, rentability is always there.

Hope this helps
Like Alex said, we have no idea what it is that you want from a property. I would suggest going to Seven Hills, drive around, look at many different properties to gain an idea of what the value is in the area that you want to live. Some areas are better than others.

Pricewise, my gut says that it is a bit pricey for an older home in the area, but in saying this, I have not even bothered looking at homes in this price range as they don't fit my criterior.
The more desirable parts are on the southern side of the suburb away from the train station. Just north of the train station are some housing commission and ex housing commission areas. Many are being sold off though. You'd hope this one would be on the southern side as the price is very much above median for Seven Hills. I too would be going more towards Parra with that money.
Lots of houses for sale in Seven Hills in the high $400K's- mid $500K's now but they're usually on the preferred KL side (Music Bowl) closer to Baulkham Hills, or else fancy rebuilds on the south side. Seven Hills definitely has different areas price-wise.
I just looked at that house in seven hills. Asking price is $519K.

The reason why it's expensive is because:

1) within 10 min walk to station
2) on the south side of seven hills
3) in a cul de sac that is very quiet (albeit close to station)
4) BV house with 4 double bedrooms & huge living space (extension in 2002)
5) land is one of the biggest I've seen in seven hills (750sqrm)

I think the house is a good PPOR. As a rental property it can be rented out as it is @ $480, I should think that it won't be a problem to be rented out given the above. I don't think there is a lot you can do to it at this stage to add value if you want a quick reno & sell project. Maybe have to hold on for longer...
I looked at a few houses in Seven Hills around the music bowl. One of them that I was keen on was $480k 4 bedrooms but needed a lot of work. Its hard to say what the rental return would be but I would say around the $450 per week mark. If you could get the house for $500k it wouldnt be too bad but then it also depends on whether you had to spend any money fixing it up.

I would pay more attention to the houses in the street, whether it is a nice area or not. I decided to go further out to Kellyville ridge. I managed to pick up a 4 bedroom + study house in the ponds for $530ish. It new and I can depreciate $250k off the house in 40 years. The house is also near new houses, schools, good transport and about 5 minutes from the new rouse hill area.

If your looking to spend around $500k have a look around Stanhope Gardens, Kellyville ridge. Better rental return and an overall nicer area. But thats just my opinion.