It can't happen to me syndrome

From: Sue J

I am here to warn you that this Syndrome can get anyone,
Short story...
tenant not paid rent since Xmas
IP broken into
Dog living indoors (smells & stains on carpet apparently)
list goes on.
Went to tribunal today...& to top it off ...the agent put the fortnightly payment as a monthly the tenant should pay 800 a fortnight but agent wrote 800 a month. The tribunal realised & therefore postponed our hearing until a solicitor was involved.
The lesson...PLEASE>>>PLEASE get malicious damage & rent default insurance. We have had another IP for 9 yrs without problems & thought "we'd be right" .It can happen...guess what...I won't be caught again. What an expensive lesson to learn & we haven't even finished as we can't evict the tenant yet. We await the solicitors advice & another tribunal hearing.

By the way ...I'm applying to for a job tomorrow ...the effects of my stupidity go on ...& on...&on.
I can't emphasize enough to take out insurance.
Sue J
I think I married Mr Murphy ( what ever can go wrong...will)
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From: John P

It happens to the best of us Sue. Hope it get's resolved smoothly and the outcome is in your favour.

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From: Dianne Ferrara

Hi Sue,

commiserations, similar thing happened to me. Put it down to experience and
let Karma do the rest. It does get better!

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