It would be great if we could share our answers in social media.

As an example: Quora has a fantastic way to share answers to questions on 5+ social media sites with the click of a button. I can also share my answers as a post in my Wordpress site which enables me to have more exposure personally and it helps quora receive many more visits from each person's network of followers.

It would be great for you to have a look at that and find a way to implement it.

Kind regards,
I guess if you are craving massive likes and more recognition from the world it might be good.

Otherwise; this is enough.
Ditto .

Why ? Personally I like to keep my chat about investing seperate to my social chat . I have numerous Facebook friends who I met first here , then in real life .

We rarely chat about investing of Facebook .

If someone wants to succeed in property they have to put an effort in to . A lot more than the effort to find this place .

I'd also be worried about health impacts for some forumites .

WattleIdo might have a seizure if they see posts about the boom in Sydney getting lots of likes .

I vote no change, SS is a specialised forum for a very big ticket item.
It is not something that you jump into without DD, we regularly get people with problems that were caused because they bought on media hype.
I think just keep the site to ourselves. The more you broadcast it the more people will start investing then that will drive prices up and everyone will be paying more for properties. That could be a good thing if you already own a lot of properties but not if you are just starting out like myself, the less competition the better when buying.

If someone comes across the site like myself through research then that's good but you don't want to advertise it for everyone to join otherwise there will be to many topics off subject. And I also don't want to see a pic on here of what someone is eating for dinner. That is what Facebook is for.
Somersoft is an internet based forum free for anyone to join and contribute to. It is social media, it's just not as integrated as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Take a look at the Whirlpool forums where there's negligible moderation, and you'd see what Somersoft could become. It's not as informative or useful. Turn this into Facebook and you'll have every first home buyer who can't afford to buy a $1.2M property in Kew whining that property is unaffordable. Somersoft wouldn't be anywhere near as great as it is today.

Just read the comments on property and finance related articles on the various Fairfax sites and you'll quickly understand that there's a lot of haters out there who will be happy to mouth off at others, rather than engage in a reasonable discussion. Kind of like the Coffee Lounge on steroids with every topic a negative one.

Somersoft is an open community, but you've got to want to find it. I like it that way.