just completed hubby's itwv (income tax withholding variation) for this financial year ... have you done yours yet?
Yeah, I didn't get around to filing mine until a month ago and the upside is that I've been overpaying for a few months, so now it feels like I got a pay rise. :)
Still haven't done mine yet either...

Its OK Lizzie, you're not alone. Somehow it seems to remain at the top of my "To Do" list along with filing last years tax returns. Something about MYOB just scaring me off. I keep saying "this weekend" which never happens. I've got most of my books up to date in MYOB but have a few final little transactions to process before I can finalise my P&L and send it to my accountant. I know I'm sitting on a decent little personal tax refund too so should get to it.

And, having not done my ITWV forms for this year I know my take home is much lower than it should be monthly. Maybe about $2K a month? But as Lizzie says, it will all come in a rush in the second half when I finally lodge that form. Cash Flow is so good at the moment that I don't need that extra $2K. Story might be different when I start my development though...

Hi Lizzie. No I haven't done ours either, so good on you for getting it done.

I actually DID it back in May but then couldn't submit it due to a glitch at their end and then kept forgetting. Mr Minx got laid off and got a (bit of a) redundancy package and I have absolutely no idea how to handle this, so that is another reason that I haven't done it.

Of course there is absolutely no reason that I haven't done mine!:(
Didn't lodge one for 09/10 as wasn't that negitive c/f wise due to low interest rates, but with things on the move it has crossed my mind. FY 10/11 i will be lodging one, i get my accountant to do it unlike most here.