I've hit the big 3 0!!

It only feels like yesterday I turned 21 but have done so much in those 9 years

That's a big point - so few of us take time out to reflect on how far we've come. Because it's all been in increments, the time seems to pass quickly with "not much" achieved.

Bit like going away on hols for a couple of weeks - but as soon as you're back into the daily routine it doesn't feel like you've been away at all.

Take this year ... my goodnes, is it Christmas already ... and then think back.

Family Christmas
Uncle hopitalised and buried 4 weeks later
Mother in Law hospitalised and buried a week later
Gold Coast for wedding anniversary
Bought two new IP's
Started business
Daughter started learning Sax
Trip to NZ for sisters' wedding

... and I'm only up to March ...
The reason I wish I was still in my 20s is that at that time I barely had a care in the world. I was also broke whilst I was studying.

I recently turned 40 and I'm doing well financially, but with a lot of responsiblity to my family, business, clients & staff.

20 years ago just steemed to be a much simplier time. :)

I was a bit of a neurotic mess in my 20s - 30s are the BEST!
Sometimes your body just can't handle certain things.

Eg I got absolutely hammered yesterday. On the same amount of drinks if I was 18, I'd be fine.
Sometimes your body just can't handle certain things.

Eg I got absolutely hammered yesterday. On the same amount of drinks if I was 18, I'd be fine.

Haha - yes - I find it is physical renovation labour that gets me. 10 years ago could paint all day and half the night ... now I'm buggered and achy after just the day part.
I'd still vote the good outweighs the bad. I actually like that I only need two glasses of wine these days to feel 'tipsy'. And I have new confidence in myself that I didn't carry in my twenties. I can talk to men easier without pressure to 'impress' or anything.

And as I said, you get to feel more pleasure more often ladies ;) Need I say more?
Im 29 now, 30 in 6 months. Its a mental block for me too.

I always imagined I would be somewhere different by the time I hit 30. I dont know where I imagined I would be, but I dont think it was here (mind you, who ever imagine they would live in Kazakhstan?).

My mind still feels like Im 20, and occasionally I will act mature enough to pass as a 30yo, while my body looks and feels like Im 40. But I have always looked 10 years older than my actual age not thats not a 30's thing.

When I was 20 my I was care free - life was easy - I just never had any $$ in the bank.
Now Im 30, I have $$ in the bank, but commitment and stress which I didnt have 10 years ago.
I want to live like I was when I was 20, but have the money in the bank that I have in my 30's.
I guess thats where the 40s come in? :p

40 was my 30. For whatever reason, 30 didn't bother me at all, but when I turned 40 it all seemed very real suddenly...


30 hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe it was just the significance of the balloons floating off into the ether.... stupid frickin idea :p

Just let it roll over you as another day and forge on I say ;)
I think it depends on what you've achieved at that stage in your life. If you're successful at 30 then it doesn't matter. However, if you're pretty poor and depressed, then turning older just adds to that misery.

I can relate to this, unfortunately....