Jan Somers on the Forum?

From: Alan Hill

This issue may well have been covered before I joined the Forum, but........

I saw one of Jan's advertisments in the paper on the weekend and it made me think that the Forum could be enhanced even further by the addition of......well....well.......Jan!

Jan may choose not to post regularly(who knows?), but how about this for a few options:

1. Jan in the chat room on previously advertised dates to field a few questions/comments etc. Might be once every couple of months?

2. Another section on the Forum where Jan could respond to e-mail questions or even post new Building Wealth-Story by Story tales.

3. Other ideas guys?

Hmmmmmm.......inviting Jan into HER Chat Room.......sounds a bit like inviting myself around for dinner at her place doesn't it? :)

But, if you never ask........

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From: Bridie .

I agree- I would love to see Jan post on the forum. I would love to experience Jan in the chat room.
Have often lived in hope that the great lady was around! I'm sure others would be keen.
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From: Anonymous

Maybe I'm always here! ;)
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