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From: Dee Mee

Ok Jan's new book is out, and i know some of you have it already, im waiting for mine still. This being her website, we can help promote the book. Anyone care to do a review???
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From: Les .

G'day Dee,

I loved the opening line - "Today, Jan Somers is just your average millionaire housewife" (actually, this phrase was in two other books, but this one "hit me" as it was on a facing page - even I couldn't miss it ;^)

Really? Average? I don't think so !!!

Average millionaire? Now THERE's an aspiration !!

Average millionaire housewife - wow !! Not your everyday housewife, that's for sure. But for those on this forum, a goal worthy of effort - and a dream worth pursuing.

As for the book itself - I certainly needed the re-read. As advertised, this is an update of "Building Wealth" and "Changing Times" - so a lot of info comes straight from those. However, there have been major changes over the last 10 years, and this edition updates "Building Wealth" to match the new millenium.

Jan's style is obvious throughout - easy to understand, succinct, and (as all good teachers do) giving enough information to guide without "spoon-feeding" the reader.

As it's brand new, and I've only done the first pass, I haven't yet "butchered" it with my notes, highlights, etc. so I can't provide any samples in this reply.

All I'll say at this point is - if you appreciated Jan's earlier books, this one will be worthy of your attention too.

Thank you, Jan !!!



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Jacque Parker

I am about halfway through and, I too, needed another reading of the good basic stuff. To keep me on track, to remind me how easy it actually is to asset build through property and to reassure myself that I'm going without now for a very good reason. Do you remember that old lounge in one of Jan's older books? Well, I too have one of those and the day I get rid of it and purchase a new one will be an exciting day indeed! Financial independence here I come! Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Chris Legg

There is so much information in Jan's books
that I reread them frequently. My Changing Times book is almost falling apart.

I have read the new book and in addition to to consolidating and updating the previous two books there is a lot of new information.

Something that I found interesting for all of you who cant make your mind up for low growth/ high income or high growth/low income is that Jan has produced statistics that it does not seem to matter on mainland Australia (sorry Tassie)

Growth + Income seems to average around 15%
per annum.

Lifes a beach at Caves

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From: Adam Randall

I bought it on friday, and have yet to read a page, It is alot thicker than all the others. I like how she simplifies things, and makes you feel confident of achieving what seems impossible.
I own 3 rental properties, and that is a direct result of reading her book "investing in residential real estate". I have lost my way a little bit since I read it last, I have read it about 15 times. I have infinitely more knowledge about realestate investing than when I first started, this is sometimes not a good thing as I always seem to find reasons not to buy these days. I think reading this latest book will hopefully simplify things again.
I have also bought "confessions of a realestate agent" I can recommend this it is full of usefull information.
Regards Adam
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From: Trina Blum


I am about 2/3 of the way through the book and am finding it very informative. I have read Jan's other books (awhile ago) and enjoyed those as well but this book has helped to clarify a few things for me. I am wanting to buy my first IP and have been in a quandary as to where/what sort of price range.

The information about buying round the median price and that overall growth/yield ratio evening out in the end, has confirmed for me in my own mind that I am on the right track as far as the suburb/price that I've been looking at.

The other thing I like about Jan's books is the fact that she is Australian and writes specifically for our market, unlike the American books.

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