JDL strategies

I don't know a lot about em but they did a free promotional financial health check in May 2007.. That was interesting to get a perspective where I'm at and what I need to achieve to reach financial freedom. They were wanting me to purchase a house and land package through them for about $400k in Qld. The property would have been very neg cashflow and was in an area with lots of vacant land around, nice area but basically middle of nowhere. Established homes a bit older in the area were selling for $350k.
My financial position was at the time a lot better than the advisor I was dealing with's financial position. She was using their strategy.
Their strategies may work for some people, I prefer to pick my own areas and do my own research.
They have been visiting Perth " a lot" of late; is it the same with other states?

Anyone been to one of their shows?
i'm going this Saturday... its running from 830am to 6pm. so, if my back can take it, I'll stay for the whole thing.
When you read "client manager" under a SALESPERSON photo.....

Sorry, but my red flags have gone up.

I would reckon it's a development company trying to flog it's stock, and the client managers are on nice commissions.

Nothing wrong that (actually; there is because their incomes are priced into your property purchases, i.e overpriced) but they need to be clear about who they are and what they are doing.
A company that is set up on the Gold Coast, and selling properties to Perth investors sets off alarm bells for me too. Over the years, why haven't they expanded to other states on the east coast??

P :: (07) 5557 3888
F :: (07) 5574 2566
E :: info@jdlstrategies.com.au

P :: +61 7 5557 3888
F :: +61 7 5574 2566
E :: info@jdlstrategies.com.au

Postal Address:
PO Box 7535, GCMC,
Bundall QLD 9726

Suite 11 Glenham Plaza,
17 Karp Court
Bundall QLD 4217

P: (08) 9228 0106
F: (08) 9228 0215

P: +61 8 9228 0106
F: +61 8 9228 0215

Postal Address:
PO Box 272
North Perth
WA 6096

Level 1 Munro’s Building
308 Fitzgerald St
Perth WA 6000
If you get the chance, ask them for an idea of where they suggest investing. It would be ineresting to see if they are saying the same area they suggested to me 3 yrs ago.
yup, i hear you guys. I am not in a position to buy anything anyway... quite max out. and if they do a 'hotspot' recommendations, i'll post them.
How come these fantastic opportunities never fell into my lap, a chance to buy a place 50k more than a existing dweller off a developer at one of their spruiking shows

Wonder if they also have a financial arm to their business to help me out with a loan:D

HiKaren and welcome to the forum.

A quick question if I may...

You say that you spent 2 years on researching companies around
Australia. Why did you not use this 2 years to actually research property directly? In 2 years of research, you would have gained a vast amount of knowledge especially if you were targetting a certain area (SE Queensland for example), most of which you could have gained for free, and furthermore be able to use free of charge for ever.

Just askin...;)

Hi Karen,

I would be interested to here more about your experiences with JDL.

You seem quite passionate about the company - I noticed you have also shared several other posts over on the Propertyinvesting.com forum.

Those posts on the other forum are by Kelly Gainer, perhaps a relation of Karen Gainer who posted in this thread? You would guess so as both posters only joined the forums to post about this particular company.

Another curious coincidence is that on the other property forum said K. Gainer posted in response to a friendly question from user 'Winnie_W' about the benefits of this company and this certain company has an employee called Winston White! http://jdlstrategies.com.au/about/meet-the-team/

hehe...that is hilarious... the thread on the other forum reads just like one of those dodgy infomercials shown on telly at 2am...:D

Bet we wont hear from karen or kelly again... :rolleyes:

C'mon winnie, join up and tell us how good JDL is! We know you are both lurking...