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From: Glenn **

Hi All,

My second post to this site, still I'm asking questions as a newcomer to the site. I have been into IP's for 15 years, have two, should have got off my lazy.... and grown the portfolio....yeah, yeah hindsight is a great thing...

Anyway the first IP was purchased as a naive 22 year old and suffice to say research, due diligence, etc, etc was not that good. Decision is...time to sell and cash up to move into better quality. Sure CGT, selling / buying costs are an unwanted expense but the decision is made and the golden rule of some, NEVER sell, is to be broken.

Anyway that brings me to my reason for the post. I attended Neil Jenmans seminar/presentation in Melbourne last week and was totally amazed at his passion and dedication to his cause, or rather THE cause.

I am about to embark on trialling his "Consumer Protection Guarantee" by attempting to have a non Jenman agent sign the Jenman contract, whereby, for those who did not attend or did not see the ACA story, the agent agrees to terms that are much more consumer friendly.

I am curios as to whether anyone else has attempted to have this guarantee signed by an RE agent or whether anyone has used a Jenman approved agent.
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From: Scott Elsom

Hi Glenn

I have used two Jenman agents...In my limited experience with them I have concluded that they are not that different from any other agent. When the offers came in, they pressured us, just like any other agent does. They conditioned us, even though they said that they don't do that. Until we gave the impression that we were desperate to sell, they weren't interested in pushing our properties.

I could be wrong, but I believe that these guys just used the Jenman System as another marketing tool....another way to get sellers to list with worked in our won't again.

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From: Debbie .

About a year ago we sold our property with a Jenman agent.

It was a good experience all round and we got more than we hoped we would.

When interviewing agents we had a few who said we would be lucky to get $120K as it was an old home, basicly land value only.

The Jenman agent, however, said you will most likely get about $150K, but we will list it at $170K see what happens.

We sold for $159K.

Our own research at the time said value would be about $150-160K.

I think it depends on the individual agency on what quality of service you get. I have seen many other Jenman agencies that are totally incompetent.

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From: The Wife the tip here,

sell with,

but dont buy

from Jenman?


~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Felicity W.

Hi Scott
Did you report these agents to Jenman? I'm sure he'd want to know that you got lousy service and do something about it. After all, it's his reputation at stake.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Debbie

Youre so right, I think you will find that all service based businesses where there is any significant interaction between provider and client are geared around the individual more so than any system.

Any system of business will only run as much to the book as the individual will allow. Regular compliance testing by the franchisor is supposed to prevent big gaps between the system and the reality


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From: Jude H

So true Michael. That is why you can have two people build with the same builder and one get a good house, the other a questionable one. Depends on the tradesmen used.


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From: Glenn **

Thanks for the feedback Debbie & Scott,

Hopefully I can extract some honesty / ethics from the RE agent with the use of Neil J's consumer Protection Guarantee form

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From: JustAMum B

Just my thoughts, from market experience and reading his book and listening to radio etc. Jenmen is ok while the market is hot and lots of over keen (or was that green) buyers. And in a hot market, is not any agent worth his salt (or half his salt) going to get fantastic prices to put smiles on the sellers face.

But how will this system fare in a cool market. Many buyers steer clear. It has no fineness in negotiation - an art that has been with man for millions of years - seams to lack the negotiating skills - and believes buyers will show all there cards. Playing with an open hand certainly has its place, but most markets (and people) rarely play this game for long.

He does market well - but is that all? (Is this really good marketing - with minimal negotiation?) I know of properties sold by this system that could have been sold by more - by just a little common marketing know how. But those that MUST buy now, and MUST buy that particular property, certainly are learning to play the Jenson game and pay the price.
Anyway, I'm not really a fortune teller, and it is a system that is working very well and as any good system must do (or was that religion), it has threads of golden truth.
Perhaps I should post this anonymously, ... so I don't get burnt at the steak.
The witch - (alias Just a Mum)
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From: Felicity W.

I don't know much about his marketing system, but I certainly found his information about auction and commission techniques a major eye opener.
It is extremely difficult to type an accurate message with a 7 month old baby on my knee who fINDS the keyboardf7 fascinatingaw...s..
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