Jim's conveyancing

From: Apprentice Millionaire

I was surprised to see in my local newspaper of the new (to my knowledge) addition to Jim's franchises: Jim's conveyancing. When are we going to see Jim's mortgage brokers?

Apprentice Millionaire
(aka Jacques in the old forum)
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From: Toyo Spares

Add that to -

Jim's Mowing
Jim’s Cleaning
Jim’s Dog Wash
Jim’s Trees
Jim’s Handy Man
Jim’s Car Cleaning
Jim’s Fencing
Jim’s Blind Cleaning
Jim's Mobile Mechanics
Jim's Wardrobes
Jim's Alarms
Jim's Security Doors
Jim's Antennas
Jim's Bookkeeping

(see www.jims.net)

I guess when you're on a winning formula, stick to it.

I wonder when we'll get Jim's Gyms. HaHa.

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From: Rasputin .

wonder if he gives discounts if you use multiple services
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From: Rolf Latham


And Jims apprentice phsych clinics, there is a line here I think that may not be crossed, Jims Nuclear Scientist, Brain Surgeons, Buyers Agents etc etc ?


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From: Rasputin .

Gee you ate Brain surgeons pretty highlt Rolf, putting them in same class as Buyers Agents !!!!
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