job interviews - Brisbane

What's the dress code these days when going for job interviews? (specifically for men)
Is it necessary to wear a suit when going for a job at professional offices (civil engineering), council, state government? Bear in mind this is Brisbane, not Melbourne, and summer?
Wondering whether it is a good idea for a young guy to buy a suit specially, or just wear neat pants, long sleeve shirt and tie?
Lets say another guy turns up, has the exact same qualifications & experience as you, and makes just as good of an impression in the interview, he will have the advantage of appearing a little more profeessional, and seem to take the job a little more seriously if he's in a suit, and you aren't.

The first three characteristics however are much more important of course, but every little bit helps, and a suit will come in handy from time to time at least anyway.
structural engineer here.. never worn or seen others wear a suit to a job/job interview. imo it's pretentious and gives the impression that you may be making up for a lack in other areas ;)

Smart business shirt (ironed), tie, polished shoes.. anything more is too much.. things are pretty relaxed in brissie and its too hot for a suit ;)

maybe for the show "the apprentice" but not for a civil engineer in brisbane.
suit or not?

Thanks guys for the helpful replies.
Interesting to see that Melbourne people recommend suits while Brissie people recommend against. Different styles for different places.
The only people I know in the engineering field are geologists and they are never to be seen in a suit for sure! No matter how important the meeting.
I'll advise him against the suit I reckon. Up to him of course.
Hubby's an engineer and when we moved up from Canberra, he was taken aside and told not to wear a tie to work! He's a consultant, and his company says that if you're wearing a tie and none of your customers are, it just makes you look overpaid. :p

I think a long sleeve shirt and tie is fine for an interview, but a suit would be over-the-top for Brisbane, unless it's an industry where suits are worn every day. (And I can't even think of one right now.)

Outside interviews and important meetings, dress code in hubby's industry is chinos and nice polo shirts or other shirts without ties.
lawyers would be one where you would need a suit

in our company, when you come wearing tie people usually joke that you are going to a job interview
At the last round of job interviews and assessment days I went to in Brissy was for professional positions in the mining, refining and oil/gas industries including engineers, geos and office based professions pretty much everyone was wearing suits including us girls and that was for a range of companies. The recruiters were wearing suits also.

And yes, it was summer :(
I wouldn't consider not wearing a suit for a second. Essential in any professional field for a job interview - yes, even in Brisbane. Just arrive 15 minutes early so you can sit in the building foyer to dry up all that sweat.