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    From: Mike .

    Quick Cash Transaction (John Burley)
    From: Brent H.
    Date: 7/5/00
    Time: 11:31:52 PM

    Hey All, 1st time writer, long time reader. I'm just wondering if any of you have ever had anything to do with the teachings John R. Burley? (A close friend of Robert Kiyosaki) In his package "Blueprint for Success" he says he has quickly gained investment capital through quick cash property transactions. In this method, he doesn't even need to apply his name to the property title.

    If anyone has ever experienced one of these transactions, please let me know. Otherwise, I seriously recommend you get yourself a copy of this book. It's by one of the "masters" of property investment and, while not all of the information is relevant to an Australian audience, it is a good starting point for research into alternative methods.

    Cheers, Brent
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