Joyce Property Management Perth

Hello to all.

Has anybody used Joyce property management in perth for a property in Tuart Hill?

What has been your experiences and would you recommend them.

Thanks & Regards

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Bad experience

Maybe too late but I can't recommend this company.
Their fees are quite high for their disastrous level of service. My experiences with them include a high level of staff turnover which is frustrating dealing with 6 different people within a year. They never return telephone calls and take about 5 days to return emails.
Each manager has a high workload of approx 130 properties each according to correspondence from a since departed manager. Too much to handle really.
Within a year they managed to lose my keys, took 2 months to fix a fridge, missed unpaid rent, misrepresented the property to a prospective tenant and continuously had errors in the monthly statements.
I'd try someone else if you still can.