Just Another Day..

Got a phone call at 5.15 this morning just as i was about to go for my morning walk,One of our Tenants a Man in his late 40's, he been with us for over 12 years he lives there with his 2 sons ,,He was woken up at about 3.30 in the morning with 2 people in Ski Masks both armed with samurai swords,one had the sword right on his face,all they said was we don't want to kill you but give us the money we know you have,This poor Man is on welfare due to back problem,maybe they had the wrong house,,all he had was about $500 in the house and that was the rent money:rolleyes:,but he put up a fight hestood up and said all my money i have is in my wallet on the dresser near his bed,one went for the wallet,and as he has he has kinghit the other one into the fibro wall,then went for the other one and grabbed the sword,both hands were cut in several places,one hand now in a cast the other in some sort of sling,this has put the wind up me,the old house is very safe,grids on all the windows,deadlocks on the front-back doors but if they went straight in no even sure how yet,I looked after his sons today while he was getting fix up,the Police came they were there for a while,and as one said to me this is very commom,and most we don't hear about:eek::eek:,anyway everyone thinks it's easy being a Landlord,i don't care about the rent he can have the next two weeks free till he gets himself sorted out,like i said it's just another day,but things must be getting tight out there if people like those are running wild around the streets at night..willair..
shocking - sorry to hear this is happening.

i often wonder what i would do in a situation like that. i'm not one to take cr@p lying down.
No good willair. Home invasions seem to be in the news a lot of late. What area is the IP in?

Marty ,it's nothing special just an old weather-fibro board highset in a "LMR" Zoned street on the Moorooka-Rocklea border,it's was a very wild area15 years ago and from what i have seen latley it's getting wilder that's the only problem i see with bombing out the whole street with six-9 pack dog boxes the amount of new people that come in don't have the room to live a normal life,,only my opinion..willair..
"bill i know you just got stabed and robbed and all, but im sorry dude im still gonna have to serve you with the default notice if the rent isn't in on friday"