Just got some very funny IP related spam

Here's part of it:

Hi Scott,

Are you looking for a new lease of life, a new hobby that can more than double your income? Something exciting and profitable that will soar your wealth without you spending extra time doing so? Well have you considered the absolutely huge benefits of Property Development? XXXXXXX has secured you two FREE tickets for you and a friend to attend a full day educational workshop that has the potential to change your life!

XXXX has launched its first ever One Day Property Development Workshop tour earlier this year. To date it has been an amazing success and due to many requests to launch it in other States, XXXXXX is excited to announce their newly confirmed tour starting next month.

In this one day property development workshop you will learn strategy, after strategy, after strategy on how to turn property into cashflow and solid wealth including:

- how to profit hugely from Property development whilst getting others to do the work for you
- how to make money in property without buying property
- how to create $1900 passive cashflow per week for the rest of your life
- understanding property development and whether it can work for you
- what is vendor finance and how to get it
- the magic of property options and how they can make you bigtime money

So this whole property development caper can be treated like a hobby and won't involve much time or effort at all. That's probably news to those of you who have tried it. Unless you've been having us all on?
Why have you blocked out the name of the company?
Is it because you want all that action to yourself and you're not prepared to share these amazing strategies with the rest of the Somersoft community?
And the best part of all is that these are "no money down" strategies.
Not only do you have to do very little, you don't even need to cough up any readies.
Sign me up!!!
hey come on! share the details of this amazing offer! who's the company? you can't post details like this and not reveal who it is!

i'd love to know how to get into property development with no time or money.
I got one recently, short number of places / special price for 2 opel just for me and everything !

Can teach you how to judge the cashflow of a property !


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