Just Starting out – Advice is greatly appreciated

Hi all,
I am amazed by this forum and everyone’s attitude in helping each other out.
I have been surfing and reading for a while and I hope someone out there could please help me out in confirming my strategy and plan.

Just a quick background about who I am, so this post will make sense to where I am coming from.
I have just finished a uni degree (civil engineering) and not interested in climbing the cooperate leader just yet. I have read 2 years worth of API magazines while I was at uni, been to seminars and won courses worth $10 000 in property development. Which I am happy to exchange with anyone for other courses.
Now I don’t have the finance ability to do it on my own.
So I have managed to convince my 2 older brothers to finance me, while I work fulltime on finding a deal and carrying it through all the way and the profits we make will not be touched by any party until a substantial amount is raised to get into bigger deals.
1. Buy run down houses and add value through renovation
2. buying housing commission, in areas where most of the neighboring houses are owner occupier
3. location location location is important to me. The property will be located within public transport access, schools, shopping centers and hospitals
4.Ares of interest: blacktown to Parramatta and Granville.
5. property type: mainly house with 3 bedrooms on a 700 meter squared land
6. I have the ability to add extensions and get DA approvals without paying a builder any fees with the first 2 projects
7. I am aiming to do 80% reno myself and 20% using contractors if needed this is to calculate how much saving I can do in those 2 months while I am working in the project
8.using RPdata to do my analysis, with median house prices in the area, comparing new renovated houses that have been sold recently either on the street or nearby for a quick estimation to how much value I am allowed to put in the property and how much I might be able to make when I sell, after deducting all types of fees involved.
9. TIME:I am allowing myself 2 months maximum in each property deal, so that market conditions doesn’t play a big role in my feasibility calculation.
Finally I do have a 10 year plan, however this is my initial first year plan.

so the question is, is it possible to raise $200 000 in cash capital from 4 property deals, or am i dreaming

your opinion will much appreciated and thank you in advance for taken the time to reply.