kealba buy or not to buy?

Hi All,
We are thinking of buying a block on 22 Stenson Road, Kealba.

I have following concerns about this suburb & location.
1. Stenson Rd and Orbit Rd are closer to the Kealba Concrete batch plant and land fill & rock crushing. General perception is that it gets very dusty due to rock crushing and noisy due to the trucks.

2. The location is under Aircraft noise path. Noise at the location is due to the international flights descending at altitude of 400-500 m.

Some background on the location:
Over the last couple of years the neighboring areas around the kealba quarry are being rezoned and these blocks on Stenson & Orbit Rd are a product of this initiative. The houses on this road are only about 6-7 years old. A neighboring double story house of about 36 sq sold for 590K.

The land in pursuit is 650 sqm for 287K

Recently blocks on RiverGum Point sold out very quickly. A 300 sqm block is now selling at around 280-300K

Distance & Travel to the city:
- 22 Stenson road is about 2.3Km from the station (5 mintues drive) & 19Km from the city (30 – 45 min drive). To come to the city I can either get on to Calder Fwy, then city link or get on to Westgate Fwy or via Footscray.

School, Childcare:-
- St Pauls Kealba Catholic Primary School
- Kealba Kindergarten, Abc Developmental Learning Centre.

Demographic:- I think majority are Vietnamese & Lebanese
- Lots of oldies & Families

Poll for votes:
I am a typical FHO buyer and no experience in realestate & limited funds. How uncommon is that? ;)

Between me & my wife we have the following perspective.

Wife says Buy this block because Keilor, Keilor East, Nedrrie, Keilor Park, Sunshine, Tottehnam, Braybook have all gone up and this location will provide excellent capital growth.

I am of the opinion that being close the concrete batch plant & aircraft flight path are permanent handicaps and hence no one would like to spend 700 to 800K on this block for a big house.

Opinions and suggestions welcome.