Hi all...

I have just been diagnosed by my optometrist as having a degenerative eye disorder called keratoconus - it is relatively common (1:2000), so was wondering if any one else on here had it, and what sort of experience you have had with it?

It seems there is a wide range of time-frame for vision deterioration - from a few years to 10-20yrs - either way, it is sort of weird knowing you are more than likely slowly going to lose your vision...

Just curious to hear other people experiences.

I'm sorry to hear this Nadia.

I can't say I know much about this condition but thought I'd respond with asking if you recieved a referral to an ophthamologist for a much more indepth investigation?

My mother has a particular eye condition that is non typical of the usual course that without a doubt would have left her blind had it not been for the brilliant ophthalmologist she sees.

Throughout the years and course of her disease there have been continued improvements in treatments and medications and a good Dr. would be up to date with these.

Seek a second opinion too if you feel you need one.

Wish you well.