Kitchen renovation finished

Hey guys,

Well on the eve of my attempt at another acquisition I thought I'd share the story of my first renovation - which was completed at 4 AM this morning just in time for the valuer at 9. It was always my intention to renovate the kitchen since purchasing the unit in November last year, but the catalyst was when I dislocated my left knee cap in March, leaving me staring at it for two weeks while laying on the lounge.

So I got the pad and pen out to start drafting plans. As I slowly returned to walking and driving again things picked up pace. With the final design ready, I bought a bunch of melamine and started building cabinets until I effectively had two kitchens in the two bedroom apartment - needless to say, getting around was challenging.

I had quotes done for a plumber and electrician as well during this time. I wanted to replace and move the hot water system in to the corner, as previously it was taking up two areas - valuable space in a tiny kitchen. As the original power board was also in the kitchen cabinet I had it updated while I was at it and a second power point installed for the dishwasher - which was going where the hot water system use to be.

After getting a price on stone bench tops it was crunch time. Over the course of a week I pulled out all the cabinets - discovering that the nails holding them in were really, really holding them in, yet still not too much of a challenge for the crowbar. Once they were out, in came the tradies to do their bit.

One night after work I screwed in all the bottom cabinets, ready for the bench top arriving the following day. It was at this point I discovered despite being concerned about going from 450mm benches to 600mm the kitchen actually looked bigger, not smaller. Once that was done the top cabinets went on as did the pantry.

A few weeks past before I got back to it and tiled the splash back and purchased the MDF for the doors. Painting the MDF was an experience and I'll certainly be doing it differently next time. And the finished product looks alright...

$999 - Oven, ceramic cook top, range hood
$499 - Dishwasher
$950 - Caesarstone bench top
$730 - Plumbing supplies (mixer, sink, hot water system, associated bits)
$400 - Plumber's time
$700 - Electrician, power board etc.
$280 - MDF doors, paint for doors etc.
$500 - Melamine for cupboards
$250 - Tiles, including feature titles, plus grout, adhesive etc.

$5308 - Total

Additionally the whole unit has been re-painted, with new internal doors and hardware at a cost of about $1200. I paid $185,000 last November for the unit, has just been valued at $235,000.

wow, great job! im looking to do some reno's shortly and if i can get away with this for around 5k id be very happy!

well done
Thanks everyone. Unfortunately the auction for number two didn't end up favourable, but with the kitchen completed I'm even more motivated to find number two.

Great price for the result, well done!

make sure you do the bathroom as well.



Yeah. It's on the to-do list, but a long way down at the moment. Renovating a bathroom when you don't have access to any other facilities for the duration is a pain in the backside and unfortunately I don't know anyone around here!

I'll probably rent it out for a while first then do it in between tenants at some point.

A great outcome! I am planning to have a go at renovating the kitchen in my IP. I will try to achieve the same outcome with partial removal of cabinets, but new countertop, dishdrawer, sink and cooktop. Anyone here like to do the job for similar budget, PM me. I will give Craig a call too. I hope to document a successful project and let SS know! :)
Fantastic - this is a great reno and wow what a return.

I did something similar with 10cm*10cm glass tiles - the cost of the tiles for the whole kitchen was less than the $500 for the 1.5m2 splashback - however I did wonder if there was a fire rating required behind stove top?

Anyone have any thoughts?

Fire Requirements

I believe Aust Standards require 600mm above stove (top off)trivets. As for wall behind I presume a non combustible material suffice.
Excellent result.

Can you please elaborate on the painting of the MDF.

What did you do? How would you do it differently?

Might need to do it myself one day.

I believe Aust Standards require 600mm above stove (top off)trivets. As for wall behind I presume a non combustible material suffice.

australian standards are 600mm for electric hotplates and currently 650 mm off trivetts for gas ,some talk going that this will be increased to 750mm for gas