Kitchen renovation in Melbourne

We have purchased our first property about 2 months back and the kitchen is really old and outdated.
Any suggestion's on whom to contact for kitchen renovation in Melbourne??

Our kitchen is pretty small and our budget is around 8K ....Me and my husband are not very handy and we have not done any work earlier other than assembling our TV unit:D so we would want someone to assemble the kitchen for us..
Is it better to go with established companies like kitchen connection,freedom etc??
I agree. Flat pack or pre-made kitchens are great when you're on a budget. Spending a little extra on the bench-top, handles and splashbacks will help you achieve a really good look.

The other alternative is to reno just parts of the kitchen. I have had loads of clients who have done just this and gotten some awesome results (with kitchen, bathrooms - you name it!). Have a look if there are any parts of the kitchen that are ok. Sometimes you don't need to rip it all out and start again - simply identify what elements of the kitchen are good enough to keep (in terms of condition, style, colour etc...) and then just change the adjacent surfaces.

If this is an investment property, remember that you don't have to live there so don't get too carried away with what you like. If its your own home then thats a different story!

Hope that helps anyway.

Just to give you a rough idea - we have just completed a kitchen renovation for a client where the whole kitchen cost $11000 including installation and stainless steel appliance pack, installing appliances, tiling, cupboards, benchtops, handles, sink & tap..

Every property will be different - so you'll need to get someone to come out and have a chat to you about what you would like, what you want to achieve, measure it out, go over materials, layout and what will actually be cost effective. But I really wanted to mention to you that you can get the whole kitchen including installation for really good prices these days. It pays to shop around and save yourself the headache that you can get with installing flat packs (especially in really old homes that will have walls and floors that are all out), if you can get the whole thing for a similar price.

Wishing you every success,
Ana Stankovic
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Kitset Kitchens

I replaced the kitchen in my unit when I first purchased it and I used kitset kitchens. There are two locations in Melbourne I believe (though there may be more now).

I was able to use their design kit to work out exactly what I wanted then I put together the cupboards etc myself and had a family friend put the whole lot together. He outfits shops for a living so it worked out well.

Everything to do with kitset was prefect. The help at the start, the variety of options, on time delivery etc.

We even added a handle to the little section below the oven by mistake and they sent us a new handle free of charge so we weren't one short.

Great company. I would defintely use them again.

- Kaisha
raishr, I'd be surprised if a kitchen co would do the job for under 8k. I agree with Jane that you should first look at sprucing it up, especially if it's not an expensive IP. Can you paint the doors? Or keep the cabinets & replace the doors & handles? A local handyman or carpenter can buy doors from laminex or whoever & fit them for you. You can also replace or reface the benchtop.

If you really need a whole new kitchen I am a big fan of Ikea kitchens. Look in the local paper for a local handyman or member of the Grey Army or similar to instal it for you. It will be a lot less than 8k. Then you just need to tee up a plumber to connect the gas & water and an electrician depending on your appliances.
id suggest australia stone for bench tops

i used to work for them as a stone mason whilst studying

very good and particular at what they do

they are located in thomastown
Another vote for Kitset Kitchens

Hi Raishr

In Jan 08 I reno’d the kitchen in my PPOR, a 2 bed villa using Kitset Kitchens. I measured the space, drafted the layout on graph paper and selected the individual components to suit my requirements.

The KK Moorabin staff were very helpful with every step of the way and it was delivered on time and the end product surpassed my expectations. It helps they have showrooms with lots of displays so you know what you are buying.

I got my brother to help me install it and neither of us had any prior experience, although brother was pretty handy with a drill and very very patient, it took us 8 days including pulling out the old one. They were supposed to supply a how-to-DVD but had run out, this may have helped, dunno. KK can arrange for the installation if you feel you don’t want to do it yourself, not sure how much this would add to the cost. I had other kitchen supply company’s quote $12-15k but I had set my budget for $10k.

Some details of my kitchen....

L – Shaped 4m x 2.1m

Kitset Kitchens
8 x Vinyl wrap cabinets extra tall height of 2385mm
Non standard feature Laminex for pantry and overheads
Non standard Laminex bench top
Door panel for concealed dishwasher
20 x T-bar handles between 160mm & 320mm
Total cost $5,035​

Other expenses
Plumber 3 visits to install sink, dishwasher & valve, move & convert taps to mixer $700

Electrician 3 visits to disconnect old oven, move existing power points & add another 4, add hardwire thingy to circuit board for cooktop, reconnect new oven, cooktop $775

AEG oven, c/top and range hood, Smeg fully integrated dishwasher, Starphire glass painted splashbacks, sink, mixer, blind, miscellaneous materials and tools all up $3190​

Total cost for the new kitchen $9,700


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chasethesun...Thanks for the pictures ...your kitchen looks great..
We did go to kitset kicthens when we started off shopping around for options but didn't have the measurements ready with us so they couldn't give us an exact qoute...Will try them out....

What about Ikea and Bunnings??How is the quality? and is it a good option to go with them if its not an investment property and something you would be living in?

We got some quotes from Impala kitchens and Freedom and the price including appliances comes up to around 15 K....