Know anyone famous?

Curious to see if anyone knows or used to know someone who is/was famous/infamous?

When I was growing up this guy was my neighbour. I went to school with Colin Barnett's (WA Premier) son and Ben Cousins (West Coast Eagles player).
i know some pretty infamous WA-ites. i'd prefer to not name them, though, because being associated with them - to me - is no different than anyone else i deal with so i don't want to make it sound like a good, or bad, thing.
My ex Brother In Law's father once slept with Bert Newton's girlfriend (several decades ago).

Oh, and I went to school with Mark Webber.
I've locked up a lot of the 80's & 90's high flyers. Some are now dead.

Was Christopher Skase on that list?
Were you a policeman at the time?

I once had a weekend romance with... gee i'd love to say but could never do that to her because she has such a lovely soul for a diva :)
We bought our pet goat from the guy who's sister-in-law won 4th prize at the 1959 local Bayswater egg and spoon race.
I went to school with Dannii Minogue and at the same school played Dungeons and Dragons at lunchtime (yes, I know! :eek:) with Brad Kilpatrick from The Henderson Kids.

I know Brad...not sure if I'd call him famous...I used to instruct on courses with him, and occasionally students would sneak some embarrassing video clips into the presentations...

We bought our pet goat from the guy who's sister-in-law won 4th prize at the 1959 local Bayswater egg and spoon race.

Obviously Penelope could hold the spoon properly back in those days? I guess after bouncing for so many years the arthritis has set in from all the fist fights!

Im just a bit concerned that you bought kids from some guy in Bayswater:eek:!

Lots of associations - but no one direct (that I know of).

My younger sister was best friends at school with Rachael Hunter - the NZ model who ended up marrying Rod Stewart.

I was good friends with a guy who's uncle was Dave Dobbin - again a NZ singer who wrote the soundtrack for "A Dog's Tale" (Footrot Flats).

The daughter of my earthmoving guy was choosen in equestrian for the London Olympics.

Lots of other similar - but nah - nothing nearly as exciting as Penny with her bouncing blue candle and arthritic frog kissing pet goat.
My nephew is Tasman, the kid who does the new Uncle Tobies oats commercial. He has lots of photos with many celebrities. (and he and his brother were in Underbelly razer).

A relative is Lee Kernigan's neighbour.
Any old boxing fans here?
George Barnes and Tommy Burns.
My wife and I were often privileged to listen to their stories of their careers in Australia and overseas.
I was also able to talk Tommy Burns into letting me read his hand-written autobiography before it was published...( I was sworn to secrecy. :p ) Still don't know if it ever hit the bookstore shelves....
Great fighters...lovely blokes.
Back at Uni I was friends with Ben Hubbard, who is Julia Gillard's chief of staff.

I don't agree with a lot of his politics, but he is a decent guy.
We lived in the house that Naomi Watts lived in as a teenager, according to our neighbour from that house.

My friend went to visit a friend in the US about 25 or so years ago when she was about 19. She was invited with the family she was staying with to lunch at "some place on a lake" and had no idea who the couple were whose house she was visiting. She had to ask who "Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash" were :eek:.