Know of an awesome Property Manager in Guildford Parramatta Merrylands SW Sydney?

Can anyone recommend a gun Property Manager for the Guildford, Parramatta, Merrylands, Granville area in SW Sydney? I've been putting up with less than motivated property manager whom is incredibly unresponsive and has no drive to complete maintenance activities. The tenant could hand in notice tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised in getting the news several weeks later.

I'm interested in responsiveness, someone whom can go the extra mile when dealing with maintenance requests etc. Fee % details would be appreciated.

I can put forward Property Partners from my side. I am actually a renter but have been impressed at how well they vetted my application for the current place I am staying at. They actually went through our past payments for our previous rental place (the previous agency unknown to us were giving us bad feedback) and spoke to us before letting our current rental.
They have always done a regular checkup on the property and went out of their way to help fix a flooding issue due to a damaged gutter from their own pocket as the Strata were trying to work out who was responsible to pay for the work. If they had not stepped in, we would have been in mould city pretty much. Just one of the things they have done that they could have dragged their feet on.

Have a talk to them to see how genuine they are - they care for the renters as well as the property owners.
Laing and Simmons Mount Druitt are great. They manage properties all the way till Parramatta. Reasonable fee as well!
No...Caucasian. Seen lots of staff leave work there...just poor culture and rude behaviour towards buyers especially newbies

I didn't want to mention that but yes their staff turn over is high.

I actually went in for an interview a few years ago but never heard back from the principal. During the interview I asked her how many people work there and she said that it's none of my business and showed me out.

Luckily I didn't get a job there because later on when I started working with another company, I've then been to her office to pick up files for managements taken over.
Haven't seen her since the first time cause she's always hiding in her private office, while everyone else is in an open environment.