What are people's thoughts on Koondoola, there seems to be a lot of houses around the 300k mark that are getting upward of $300pw rent. Close to Beach Road (20 mins to the beach), Malaga is a stone's throw away (employment) and close to Alexander Drive (20mins drive to CBD). Plus the City of Stirling are rezoning most of it to R40 or R60 to try stimulate some economic devt. The 2 examples below are both proposed to go to R60.


the rezoning is all talk at the moment.

buying now in the hope of rezoning is speculation, not investing. youre paying a high price now for the possibility, versus a slightly higher price later for a confirmed zoning.

even at R60 a lot of agents will still see these as triplex blocks, maybe the odd quad. and sure enough, someone will be silly enough to think that a 160 sqm parcel of land will yield a profit in this area.

MDs are the best option for any R60 site in these areas, IMO.