La Trobe Property Research

From: Tom Cleary

Any one have any info on this group?
Have received an invite to their seminar, which contains the usual property gruff, but one of their points intrigued me,
" Learn how to get your rent guaranteed in perpetuity by your estate agent"
Whatever can they mean?.

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From: Paul Zagoridis

I had one of their more persistent salesmen visit me at home last week. I always make time to watch a pro in action. Nice guy, but doesn't own any real estate.

The guarantee is structured by charging you 10-15% management fee (can't remember the exact amount). Then if any of the "bad things" happen they'll cover it.

Pay me 50-100% extra PM fee and I'll insure you as well. ;-)

They don't seem to have anything special. I fly to Melbourne for the day ($180 or $340 if I want to stay overnight at their hotel). They'd show me the properties, meet with their broker and sign the contracts on the day. Some system exists for getting the airfare comp'ed.

It is not a good deal (for me). They're not even sure they'd offer me the free trip as I no longer own my own home. Tom, I don't think you'd qualify either.

Like most marketers, it appears to be a retail-level investment for people with equity in their own home who can't or won't do their own research.

Hope this helps. Go to the seminar anyway if you have nothing better to do. If you learn only one thing it is time well spent (if you like RE investing).


Paul Zag
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From: Scott Marshall

I went to a seminar, a friend said they were a Ray White front. They gave you all the "how to buy an IP on just $11 per week" good stuff for the uninitiated. The claim was they fund the seminar with advertisements. These were for various business, eg solicitors, mortgage brokers, insurance etc.. I tried to look them up in the yellow pages but they were not there or anywhere. So I figure the point is to go back to them. Not Likely
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From: Felicity W.

The latest issue of Money Magazine mentions them.... and it wasn't a positive write up.
Keep smiling
Felicity :cool:
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