Land overlooking fence and high voltage box??

Hi there, we are looking at buying a block of land to build a bigger ppor on and came across a private sale of one that is already titled as they aren't releasing anymore off the plan for a while til they sell some of their current blocks. We went and checked it out yesterday and it is in a good location in the estate within walking distance to a few of the different facilities within the estate, however it overlooks a side fence and high voltage power box from property across the road. Is this something that we should stay away from or that my impact negatively on us down the track if we decide to sell?? Any thoughts/opinions/advice appreciated
It would be a turn off for me,period.Think of when its time for you to sell,the buyer will be asking the same question you are now!
Know very little about this, however our last property our neighbour had pole with high voltage power box on their verge, it eventually all went as all got put underground.

Not sure, could this happen with your scenario...? If not, I would walk as it will effect end value when selling

Thanks everyone, yeah I think we are going to leave it as it just isn't sitting right with us. Now let's hope they don't bump up the prices too much on their next release they are holding off on!!