Land Tax - how to apply??

Hello everyone)))
I know it sounds strange but how to inform the authorities that they need to charge me land tax? I was on victoria gov site but just got confused:(
We bought the property this year only and financial year has been over for a while and I have not got any bills. I am glad to think I have been missed:p but we live in the real world...
Thank you in advance for the answers.
Things do slip under the radar but 99% sure they'll find you if you qualify. land tax is determined by your land holdings as of December 31 each year. So i guess you will get this year "free" anyway, as notices have already gone out.
Trust me, they'll find you.

Land tax is only calculated on the land component or site value as outlined on your rates notice unless its your PPOR or used for primary production. I believe there are other exemptions. It is only applied when your gross holdings exceed $250,000.

So if you only have one IP, depending on what it is, you may not be liable.