Land Tax in NSW

Just trying to understand which option will provide me the best results (ie pay as little land tax as possible).

I currently have an investment property, this property is in my name only. Currently no land tax is applicable to this as it is below the threshold (probably just below).

Me and my wife are looking at buying a 2nd property.

To avoid paying any land tax, i appears that I would be better purchasing this property under my wife's name only.

Any future purchases would then be purchased jointly.

Does this sound right? Or should I just buy it in joint names starting from now?
Absentee is defined as someone who lives OUTSIDE Australia, though, not the state? i.e. a NSW resident would still get the 600k threshold in individual names.

:eek: Of course I would have known that were I to read the actual definition. :p

This may have changed not so long ago, as an absentee was one who did not reside in the state of Qld.....I just assumed, well we all know what happens when one assumes :rolleyes:
You will not get the $380k land tax threshold if the property is held in trust, and depending on the trust structure you may miss out on claiming negative gearing from your PAYG.

Purchasing seperately in your wifes name will result in no land tax obligation providing the assessed value of the new purchase is below $380k. Any combined purchases would be assessed at 50% for each of the owners (or relative % if more than 2 owners or not owned 50/50).

If you are not comfortable buying interstate you will need to factor in the land tax as a cost of doing business in NSW. Personally I think it is a greedy money grab from a socialist government but I don't see this changing regardless of who's in charge.


I think u would only do the trust thing for land tax purposes once u hit the premium threshold (2.something mill in un-improved land val).

Whats the land val's on both properties Nek? Some places can be quite low land val, esp if unit or Town house or even the area, eg a house of mine in ambarvale (south west syd) land val is about 140k
There's only one property at the moment.

How do i find out the land value of the property?

In RPdata it says the UCV is $186k, could have sworn the land value was higher when there wasnt a landtax threshold.
186 means u still got like another 180-190k land val till u get to the threshold.

I registered on OSR land tax thing it has the values on their, im not sure if the RP data one is the same or old info. Council rates notice prob have it but it can be old.