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From: Dave :)

Hi all,

For those of you who haven't yet expressed your thoughts to the Bracks Government about these proposed changes to the Land Tax system, I urge you to do so. The more they hear from people like us, the more concerned they'd be to implement such a screwed up idea. It can't hurt.

Below is my email and the response I got.



Mr Brumby,

I'll keep this short as I'm sure you are being swamped with similar emails and phone calls. The proposed land tax changes, as reported in recent media articles, will prove disastrous for Victoria if approved Residential property investment in Victoria will plummet...and our state economy will suffer badly. This would have a not dissimilar effect that abolishing negative gearing had not too long ago...and an about turn from your government, when things inevitably hit the fan, will not look good for the Bracks government. It's going to inflict serious injury to your government, and go a long way to ruining investment confidence in Victoria. Our state has moved forward in leaps and bounds over the last decade. One major reason for this has been the incentive for investment in this state. Collectively, residential property investors own about a quarter of all residential property here. Many of these investors, like myself, purchase at least one property every year. If the costs associated with owning property increases further, I'm afraid we will be forced to seriously consider purchasing outside our state where conditions for investment are already more favourable (due to far lower stamp duties). As a result, boosting the economies of other states rather than our own. This would be a very sad situation and a damning result of your governments decision.

Please heed the calls and requests you've received so far, and put a stop to this absurd idea.


David Tomek

Review of State Business Taxes


Thank you for your comments on the recommendations in the Review of State
Business Taxes regarding land tax on business properties.

In May 2000, the Bracks Government commissioned an independent review of
the existing system of taxes and charges affecting Victorian businesses,
the first of its kind in nearly twenty years.

In addition, the Government is committed to delivering $400 million of
business tax cuts over the next three years. Businesses this year will
also benefit from the State's abolition of financial institutions duty as
well as stamp duty on marketable securities. Put together these reforms
mean the biggest single one-off reduction in state business taxes in recent

The Harvey Report contains a number of wide-ranging proposals covering
virtually all aspects of the Victorian business tax system.

It is an independent report to Government and contains recommendations
only. Three of these recommendations relating to the Fire Services Levy and
Motor Vehicle Registration have been rejected because they fall outside the
Committee's terms of reference. The remaining recommendations are still
being considered.

Your views and comments regarding the recommendations in the Harvey Report
are important and will be considered as part of the response by the Bracks
Government that will be announced on or before 15th May 2001

Yours sincerely

Stein Helgeby
State Business Tax Reform Unit
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From: Dave :)

In case you haven't got the email address, send it direct to the Minister in charge - John Brumby.

[email protected]

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