Land Tax QLD?



From: J D

Any one know what the Land Tax threshold and rates are for queensland IP's?

thanx in advance
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From: Redd Anaconda

I have heard that QLD is the only state in Australia that doesn't have Land Tax but do not take it as gospel.
Can anyone else tell me if they have heard this, or am I being taken for a ride too?

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From: Les .

G'day folks,

Tony Compton's book "Rental Property & Taxation" describes the various State's Land Taxes. Note that the date of my book is Aug 98, and these Taxes change as Govt's change their minds.

Qld does have Land Tax, but it appears to be less than most other States. It also (if I'm reading this correctly ;^) appears to have a deduction or rebate for resident investors of $160k over and above their own home.

Most other States exempt your own home, at least up to a particular amount, but in NSW recently I heard that the rising values of land has had home-owners about to face HUGE increases in Land Tax.

Unfortunately there are too many pages to reproduce here, so check it out with your favourite adviser,


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