Landlord Insurance - any recommendations?



From: Derek Hodgkins

Hi all,
I have recently purchased an investment unit (strata) in Newtown, NSW.
I have taken out ANZ Residential Investment Property Insurance, but reading the policy through last night I am not happy with it (it does not cover accidental breakage of contents by the tenant etc).

Can anyone recommend a good policy to investigate - CGU seem to be big in this area (St. George, ANZ seem to be agents for them).

Thanks for any help.
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From: Lucinda Hudson

I am also looking to upgrade mine.

I have looked at Rentcover, which can be found at I am not sure what they are like but they provide the type of cover you seem to be looking for.

I am going to give them a try.

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From: Dee Mee

the ANZ policy is underwritten by CGU
same policy
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From: J Parker


It is my understanding that tenants are responsible for their own contents cover. As a landlord, you should have building insurance as a minimum. Landlord's insurance is highly recommended and I have used CGU as well, as their policy is adequate and is reasonably priced. You also qualify for a discount the more IP's you have insured. As yet, however, I haven't made any claims so I can't tell you how efficient they are in processing claims.
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Gunna Doit

Hi there.
I found a really good site last month called It allowed you to select features for your insur, ie. deliberate tenant damage, malicious tenant damage, etc. Then it brought up the policies with the features that you had selected. It's easy to follow and I printed it out.
However, I just went to have another look at the site and it is "closed for renovations and upgrade" or something like that.
If however you would like my copy (which is a month old) I would be happy to send it to you to compare some policies and features.
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From: Mark Pardi

The Barclay MIS

Risk Management Services

Contact Suzanne bale

02 9440 0707 0417 074 770

Excellent Australia Wide product

worth a call.

Kind Regards

Mark Pardi

General Manager

Property Buyers Network
Level 7 56 Berry St
North Sydney 2060
02 89209477
0418 645 125
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From: John P

I'm with Jacque on this one. I have my landlords policies with CGU (Landlords Property One) and they DO give you a discount the more IP's you have. With RentCover, which is sold through (EBM) Elkington Bishop Molineaux, the cover does not appear to be as comprehensive, it costs more, and you have to wait until you have acquired "5" properties, Yes "5", before you are eligible for any kind of discount.

Like Jacque, thankfully I have not yet had to make any claims but comparing the two for features, Landlords Property One wins hands down in my opinion. Just a quick note though, the Ip's may have to be managed by a licensed Property Manager for you to be eligible for the policy but I would check this.

Hope this helps

John Poulos
Resi Mortgage Corp
0412 588986
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From: Kellie Dutton

I personally recommend just getting an insurance broker. One phone call and they find what you need. There are some I have dealt with personally and have been great, but they are in Sydney, happy to give anyone numbers if they want them but there are lots out there. The brokerage fee on landlord stuff is minimal, I believe it is worth it. Gets back to the old standard that if you want a good product, ask someone who knows what they are talking about.
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From: Steve Piggott

Terri Scheer Insurance Brokers
freecall 1800 804 106
These guys are on top of the L/L's Insurance ladder here in SA.

Happy Investing Neb:)
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