Landlord Insurance

From: Andrew G

Generally speaking have people here found Landlord Insurance to be of benefit to them, or are they there to rip you off like all other insurance firms??

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From: Gail H

I've found it to be a fairly moderately priced form of risk protection, but I've never made a claim (which is the ultimate test of what it will do for you).

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From: Felicity W.

I've had to make two claims on landlords insurance (for two different properties and reasons) and all I can say is - for not much over $200 a year, I've had it repaid in advance YEARS in advance with the claim payments I received.
The thing to remember is that you don't usually get paid out your claim until the circumstances are completed, so you may still need to cover a mortgage payment or two or three until the claim is settled.
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Felicity :cool:
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From: Donna L

Similarly I recently made a claim on
Landlord's insurance when tenant ran
taking dishwasher and dryer with him. LI
paid 10 weeks back rent, all damaged
contents and stolen contents. I think the
total claim was about $2,000. Premium is
about $290 p.a. But yes, getting it was
v-e-r-y s-l-o-w and I had to cover
mortgage payments and replace items
myself initially so I could rent it out quickly.
However, I don't think you should be
without it.

Donna L
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From: Owen .

Felicity and Donna,

What insurance companies are you with? I have CGU insurance but have never had a claim so I have no point of reference as to their service (or lack of).


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From: Felicity W.

I took my policies through my property managers, but the actual insurance companies are CGU and QBE. I've claimed once on each, not a lot of difference from that perspective.
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From: Aaron Dwyer

On this thread.

Does anyone out there have RACQ 'landlords insurance'.?? I'm now a bit dubious to the extent of their cover. They don't really have a set product for this.

I am currently using RACQ for both PPOR and IP and I'm now getting a brochure sent out to me from CGU to compare cover.

Aaron Dwyer
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From: Alan Hill


I've always had it but I've never had to claim(yet!).

Do I sleep better knowing I have it though......YES!

Sleeping well is important to me......

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