Landlords Revenge

Anybody see a TT story tonight about a landlord taking revenge on a ferral family that left his rental property like a tip? It was a follow up story - the original being about the mess his place was left in. The follow up was that the landlord had found out where they were now living and had taking a tip up truck full of their rubbish and dumped it in their driveway. Renter wasn't happy and came out kicking the headlights. No damage to the truck but he may have hurt his foot. Some satisfaction I suppose but all up it's costing the landlord about $15,000 in clean up and repair costs.

good on him - if he was in up to his neck in bills then what another thou in truck rental.

i applaud him for getting back at the renters - however, the poor landlord of their new place will probably be left with the junk now.

revenge always hurts an innocent party.
What did that get the landlord apart from a sense of satisfaction? What did it really achieve except getting his face on the television?

Surely just a mess that the ferals' new landlord will have to deal with.

I understand the point he was making, but I just don't understand how he felt that this was the right thing to do.

Just another TT or ACA stunt - perhaps they paid for it?

I would hate to be the new landlord watching the tv and seeing a load of filth dumped on MY driveway.

This landlord was returning the tenant's "property"
I can see the new landlord insisting his tenants clean up the mess, or evict them.
This may show these tenants, or others watching the TV show, there are consequences to their actions.

He may be doing this new landlord a huge favour, before they damage the new rental.
He was returning 'their property' - lounge suites etc.

Funnily enough they had it cleared up within 2 hours so no problems for the new landlord.

It was more of a warning to landlords about these tenants - to watch out for them.

I remember years ago Geoff posting about a tenant leaving his property in a mess and the fact that he had to store their "stuff" for a while. So, he put EVERYTHING in big black plastic bags. The open cans of coke with the electrical items. The full ashtrays with the clothing.....etc. I don't remember the outcome, or if the tenants got their stuff back, but it was a fun read.:D
having hired a tipper truck a few days over the last week - they cost around $160/24hrs - so not another thou.

a few years ago a tenant of mine did a midnight bolt leaving the house full of rubbish - i didn't know at the time that i was supposed to store it, so the lot went to the tip (and it really was rubbish). tenant took me to court claiming i'd thrown out all their "good" stuff. fortunately the person who actually did the clearing out for me was able to give a detailed of list of what was thrown, and what condition the items were in, with an expected value.

this was given to ex-tenant before tribunal sitting - she then never bothered to turn up. must've been too embarrassed to have the list presented.
I would hate to be the new landlord watching the tv and seeing a load of filth dumped on MY driveway.


then again the landlord may as well discover what he is dealing with sooner rather than later. One thing is certain - the tenant hasn't suddenly become a dream tenant. this house is just waiting for a trashing.

I have just cleaned up one property and hopefully it settles today. I can't face the next one so am paying someone a few grand to do it - I will pursue the tenants personally. the PM keeps bleating about claiming on insurance - why? because they were incompetent and the tenants pigs?
wouldve been fun to maybe turn the cameras off and tip all the rubbish/property into the tennant's car(s).
There was another followup last night to this story. A previous landlord came forward and said they'd trashed their place as well. It's obviously a pattern with the tenants.

References etc. checked out for both landlords when the tenants applied for leases so don't hold much faith in them. There should be a better way of checking out previous rental history.

Maybe someone should start a 'Renters From Hell' website as an additional for landlords to use.

Don't ya just love how clever the ferals think they are?

I mean; look at how pathetic their lives actually are.

They live in crappy rented accommodation, made even worse by themselves - and will do so for their entire lives and into their pension years - if they lived that long.

Never will own their own little palace and naturally live in resentment of those that do - especially their Landlord/s.

They never go anywhere or do much, or acquire nice things in life; front yards full of car wrecks and scrounged crap they think they'll make a killing from, live paycheck to paycheck (or is that dole cheque to dole cheque?).

Always got a clever comeback towards anyone better off than them - real smart-@rses.

I wish I had the same level of intelligence to do verbal battle with 'em, but they are so far ahead of the likes of me - and you...

No doubt smokers and probably heavy drinkers, so destined to a shorter and more miserable life than they already un-enjoy....

Yes, a very clever lot.
If one of these tenants actually did acqiure a IP, thru inheritence or whatever,can you imagine how angry they would be if someone treated their property this way?
Tenants may start getting injured.:)

wish I could do something like that without jeopardising my agent's license :cool:

Xenia(or any other PM) ?? Why is there no comeback to PM's (or the office they work for) for shoddy work? ie: If a PM cannot "recommend" termination of a lease for gross breach of basic 'looking after the property".....
PM's are "supposed" to do an inspection every 3 months or so, what happens if it is "WRONG" (like TRASHED wrong!")

I know that tribunals are all for the tenant...but reallly? where is the line??

What needs to change to bring a balance to the eqauation? and how (who do we lobby) to we (landlords) make it happen??

Hubby is a tradie and if one TINY little thing is wrong we get HAMMERED (from the public and PM's alike!!) Why is the "PM-ing" business seemingly immune from any wrong-doing??
tribunals are all for the tenant...but reallly? where is the line??

Read the RTA, it's all in there and the only document the Member has to go by. Really - the line is very skewed towards the Tenant. Be happy.

What needs to change to bring a balance to the eqauation?

Fear not - change is afoot.....especially in Victoria and WA, and no doubt coming to a State near you. The Tenancy Unions have been arguing vigorously for further amendments to the Act, to give further rights to Tenants and obligate landlords further. They aren't finished by a long shot....bunker down, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

Why should it be balanced ??

how (who do we lobby) do we (landlords) make it happen??

Sorry - it's going the other way moyjos. You're on your own pal. with your feet. Sell these dogs of investments and let rents rise to a level that reflects fair return for risk.
some 25 years ago i rented a nice apartment and they took photos of every mark on any wall and when it came to moving out they didnt release the bond till they had checked it all. It was fine for us we took great care and left it spotless. why dont bonds help a bit these days?

someone i know owns flats and is always being taken advantage of. A tenant wont pay rent, they go to the tribunal or whatever it is and the tenant makes up some totally new untrue story such as that they had been promised a security door and it wasnt done and thats why they arent paying rent till its done, and what do you know, the tenant is beleived and wins and suddenly the owner has to pay for things that were never agreed on?!

I'm sure other owners have such stories.

In the story on TV they said the people are now renting from the state housing association.

Looks like the taxpayers are going to be stuck with the next wreckage.