Large dog at rental property without permission

From: Crystal .

Dear Forum Members,
I have just discovered that my new tenant (4 days) has a pit bull terrier and a small dog at my property. The pit bull is chained up but has apparently in the past caused his owner to pay fines when it has turned up at the local schools. On his tenancy agreement he neglected to tick either yes or no in the section asking about pets and their description.
Obviously he has broken his lease agreement as he needs written approval from the owner to allow him to keep pets at the property.
Will he be liable for the rent up until I find a new tenant to replace him?
Am I liable for injury caused by his dog to any person on my property? I don't think my home insurance would cover this type of public liability insurance.
As there is only a very small yard I feel it is cruel to keep a large active dog chained at all times.
Any comments appreciated,
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From: Robert Forward

Hi Crystal

Kick them out.... (but that is my opinion)

If you aren't happy with what they have done. And yes they should be liable to keep paying rent until you have re tenanted the property and/or you take the bond.

Also, give your insurance company a call and explain the situation to them to see if you are covered.


Put the rent up by for compensation to cover having to fix the yard up when they have moved out.


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From: John P

Ditto to what Rob Said. Get rid of them ASAP. I would rather have an untenanted IP than have a tenant with a dog living in it; especially that breed. I am sorry that this has happened to you...I sympathise. Tenants who deceive landlords give me the shits!!!

From what you said in your post, I doubt very much that you are covered for public liability and that's a precarious position to be in ESPECIALLY with that dog as you stated.
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From: Anonymous

Shoot the tenant and give the dog to the RSPCA - or should that be the other way round?
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