Last night's education

From: Glenn Mott

Going to the Freestylers meeting last night was a fantastic education for me. I learnt the following things that will make or save me money from now on...

1. Get a pro-active, property investing accountant to take over your tax affairs.

2. Get your structure set up, eg. trusts, companies.

3. Speak to your accountant before making an offer on a property about the price, expected rental, length of time you wish to own the property, any expenditure of a capital nature you wish to undertake (renos) and expected capital gains.

4. Pay a quantity surveyor to prepare a report on each property you own.

5. Get a plan.

Thanks to all that attended last night and thank you to Robert, Francoise, Megan and Nivia for hosting the meeting.

Glenn (Soon to be Perth Freestyler)
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