Laundry to bathroom conversion

Hi all

I have a three bedroom house (112m2) with a two-way bathroom. The house doesn't need a lot of work but I'm thinking of converting the laundry into the main bathroom and the current two way bathroom into an ensuite.

Here is a floor plan - what are your thoughts? I guess I would need to take out the spa bath in the ensuite so that I could put a toilet in there.

Floor plan.jpg

Do you think it would be a big deal not having a laundry? There should be enough room for a washing machine either in the main bathroom or kitchen.

How much value do you think an extra bathroom would add?
We have been tossing up adding a second bathroom to our PPOR, and losing the laundry. Apparently putting the washing maching and dryer in the kitchen isnt such a good idea..... Noisy, and space and time management issues when using the kitchen to cook and or eat in, along with dust from the dryer etc. I thought it was a great idea, but we are going to have to think of something else...
We love laundry conversions! We do these for clients all the time.

The simplest solutions is to either have an underbench washing machine in the bathroom and the second part of the bech-top would have the cupboard with a bigger sink that can be used as either vanity or sink to handwash delicates.

The other thing our clients get quite frequently is a cupboard laundry, which just means that you build the laundry trough and washing machine to be housed inside a cupboard which allows for the mess/noise to be hidden behind closed doors.

The main idea is to maximise functionality of space available in the home and laundry conversions are an easy way to add another bathroom because you are utilising another wet area (so it will be a more cost effective renovation).

Hope this helps. Wishing you every success, Ana
you will also have to make a door probably where the window is next to the kitchen to get to the back yard. Which again can be a big improvement.

I would do it.
Absolutely, yes! And a nice french door from the family room outside, maybe onto a covered deck, if that is not what is already there.
You could put the laundry in that nook in the family room and put some doors across to screen it off. It's near the old laundry so you can run pipes from there without digging up foundations. That then gives you the entire space of the old laundry for a main bathroom. If you need it bigger you can have it swallow up the toilet area or pull down that diagonal wall and make it a 90' corner.
Thanks guys - such great ideas!

There's already a sliding door in the family room leading out onto the covered paved area. I love the idea of having the laundry in the little nook in the family room - there's currently a fireplace there but it's being removed (for insurance reasons) because its an unapproved structure.

We'll also be doing some smaller things to bring the value up - wooden laminate flooring in all areas but the kitchen (which is already tiled) new carpets in the bedrooms (the previous owners dog wasn't toilet trained) and ducted gas heating. A combination of a few cashies and family help will make this all relatively cheap.

This bathroom renovation/laundry conversion much (approx $$ would you allow for the following:

- Small laundry in the family room nook
- Add toilet to the ensuite
- move spa bath from ensuite ito main bathroom
- install shower and vanity in main bathroom
- basic renovation in both 'bathrooms'?

Obviously we don't want to overcapitalise and whatever we can do ourselves we'll do - its mainly all the plumbing that I'm worried about - although we do have a friend that might be able to help out with that....;)
washer in kitchen ok I think

My first house had a combined washer-dryer in the kitchen. I had no issues with it being there. Might be harder with a family and more washing though. The combo is expensive to replace/fix when it breaks I've found.