Leak in Shower Pipe - can I claim on insurance?

Had a leak in the internal shower pipe which eventually resulted in the concrete wall behind the shower ( the bedroom wall) being damaged, and the wooden floorboards being warped.

I'm the landlord of the strata unit in question. How do I go about claiming insurance here?

From what I can gather, the leak to the pipe is not a common property - so claiming the repainting of wall and floorboard is not covered by the strata's building insurance. My landlord insurance covers content - so should cover the floorboards, but not the wall or the repairs made to the leak. Is that right?

Am i not covered by ANY insurance in these circumstances for the wall? how do others cover themselves? Do you guys take out a separate building insurance on the unit - in addition to that held by the owners corp? Looks like there's a gap in my insurance coverage which I've not thought about.

Appreciate you sharing your thoughts and advise.
Insurance companies will cover you for the repair to the pipe, damaged caused by the pipe but wont cover you for the wall repair/paint.
Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

Which insurance company would that be? Wouldn't think it be the landlords one that I hold. And the strata one is saying the pipe is only servicing my unit so it's not common property - and therefore not them.

Also the wall was damaged because of the leak - surely that would be covered as well if an insurance company is paying for the repair?
It's hard to say what will/won't be covered as it depends on the insurance that you took out on the property.

You'll need to check your policy to see what it covers, or call them to discuss the matter.

Generally the OC insurance won't cover internal damages.