Learning about mortgages

hi guys,

just wondering if anyone can suggest any books, or a website or a short course where i can learn more about mortgages?

i am young and want to get my head around how interest is calculated etc. etc.

any suggestions appreciated
Stuart Weimas (sorry about the spelling) has recently written a very good book on mortgages. He is a poster on here. It may be alittle dated now since the banks have changed the rules after the GFC, but it does give a very good overview of lending. I think its called the smart borrowers handbook.
Don't be afraid to ask questions from the more experienced.

i am happy to share my knowledge, and invite you to send me an email or PM if you are unsure.

I promise there is no such things as a stupid question.

Well done for wanting to educate yourself.
thanks LoanFinder, at present i dont have any particular questions, id just like to get my general knowledge on mortgages a bit better, so a book or something would be ideal

however, if i do need a quick answer ill be sure to contact you, thanks very much