Lethbridge Park, 3 Bed Subdividable Corner Lot

As a buyer looking in western Sydney close to half the agents are a joke. (Majority of my recent interest in the short time I have been into property investment have been Parramatta - Liverpool area
Look at it drom another perspective if you're buying ..

Personally I love bad agents .

If they're bad for me , they're bad for others and I'm probably more persistent than most .

Eg our new PPOR . Bought mid last year . Had been on the market with wildly incorrect pricing . Had just changed to a new selling agent when we started looking . We tried for a week to talk to the agent , but couldn't get through , didn't return phone calls and the receptions was a rude , abrupt brick ...
They decided to have an open house which we went to and at the end of the open house we made our offer .

I know the agent didn't bother ringing up the other people who were there .

When we were looking at open house a few months , we mentioned which house we had bought to the agent ( who we knew ) and it seemed they'd gone though the house expressed interest , but never heard back .

As an extreme example we bought a house in rocky years ago which the agent hadn't shown to anyone for the several months he'd had it as he was depressed , liked the tenant and didn't want to inconvenience her ...

Me Too! Especially if there are problematic tenants that won't let people inspect!

My number one Agents to buy from!
Completely agree with that one :)
Picked up a duplex on behalf of my sister in law for $475k. The other half of the duplex sold for $551k before we even settled. :D
I see that perspective but usually it does not help investors too much. As there are other investors out there with the patience and ability to their due dilligence and also from what is see from open houses in western sydney are that there are many young families looking to buy their first homes and are very emotionally attached.

So even the joke of a REA are still able to sell their houses at top dollar today. This will most likely change when the market cools down.

If it was my property I would want the agent to go out of the way buyers and not for myself (I want top dollar not convenience/special treatment/friendship etc). Even if it doesnt make a big difference in this market, I would want to know the REA did all they could in selling.

Anyway thats my 2c,
My previous comment was at Skater with your intention of selling not buying (you cant pick that anyway) or managing

I'm sure you dont know exactly what I have to say as a BUYER. My opinion on that REA is neutral.

I still havent understood what your advantage of a local paper advertisement is but thats okay