Lifestyle Property - What's This One Worth and Long Term Goals


have been lurking for a little while now and thought it was about time I posted. A bit of a ramble really...not headed anywhere serious so don't feel too obliged to read it all!

I came across this property

It's the kind of property I'd like to end up in one day. Close to family, large block, but still close enough to the city.

Whatya reckon something like this would go for?

I've been thinking (it only occurred to me tonight), that if I do want something like this, maybe I should be getting in now before all the big blocks still reasonably close to the city are subdivided. But I guess, there will always be some that just aren't suited to subdivision? And holding something like this in the mean time could be a strain.

I grew up near to here, our property was on a creek and I loved it. I remember watching the turtles laying their eggs, collecting the chook eggs, the time when the goat got stuck in the long grass for days before it ate its way out! I'd love to give my kids the same experience (still yet to have any but hope to soon!).

So I've been thinking lately about becoming more active in my property investing. I'm reading a bit more (here, which is great!) and have started to browse for properties again.

My partner and I have three IPs all waiting for rezoning (hopefully will happen within next 18 months). Want to battleaxe them when that goes through and either build or sell the land. We have one other (PPOR - currently rented), with about 350k of equity. I don't think it's securing any of the others? (my partner worries about the detail!)

I'm getting itchy feet and am thinking about a quick 12 month project I could manage remotely (in Perth as that's where I know). We're currently living in a mining town and earning decent (but not obscene) dollars (lots of -ve gearing on the IPs). Maybe a quick subdivison (is that an oxymoron?)...have never done one before so would be a learning experience...maybe Cannington?

Anyway, if you got this far, well done. It actually helps just writing things down.

Thanks for a great forum.

That's a beautiful hunk of land.

Find one of the mortgage brokers on the forum and ask them to send you a Residex report on that property.
Looks like the airport runways point right at it.

I would check it for aircraft noise.

Also have you actually checked this house out as there is a creek in the middle of the block which may limit any future development if not to challenging then possibly a flood zone.