Limerick competition anyone?

Hey, how about a limerick competition?
Topic: real estate and surrounding areas (anything that can be discussed in the main area of the forum). Entries must be original.

To begin with I offer the following opus:

There was a young lady of action
Who negatively geared her mansion.
After 45 years
She paid huge interest
And today she gets goverment's pension.

Say cheese :p


There once was a lad called Mick G
Who did begin life in Sydney
Never one single clue
Till way past twenty two
Until investing did he see

Michael G
Ok, I'll give it a try:

Hey Ian, thanks for the forum
Folks post and we come and adore 'em
We all like to read
and devour with greed
And learning is what it does for 'em

Ok, lets call it a first effort... hehehe

Can I submit more than one?

asy :D
Rules refined

Let's refine the rules in the following wy.

1. The competition will be opened for a week - closing on Wednesay 23/10 11:59PM Sydney time.

2. After this date the poll will be set up to select the winner

3. Only one limerick per post is allowed. This will make it much easier to set up a poll - the post number will represent the limerick. Of course a member cn submit more than one entry, but each should be in a separate post.

Say cheese :p

Have logged on to the forum today
To see what we all have to say
Now here's a post from Ruby
and there's another from ASY
Better go now and check out EBay


Jakk Shakespere Bass..........medieval Slum Lord

Those who invest are a waiting
To score some great deals they a saying
When da boom, goes da bust
When media do make a fuss
These vultures will come a spending!

Michael G
When Ian asked for a new forum
I willingly found some stuff for him
Now I am admin
I edit results so I win
Damn how I love this vBulletin

If you only invest for the tax
You really should look at the facts
It's money you're losing
Your wallet is bruising
Your future position just lacks

A dodgy but sharp marketeer
Who sold all his IPs two-tier
Was caught at his game
We'll publish his name
And soon he will cower in fear

A pretty young tenant from Kent
Who struggled in paying her rent
Said "if you don't mind
I'll make payment in kind"
And soon the good owner was spent

A great collaboration by GoAnna and GoMichael. Yay team!
well sure im only a teen
and i probably should be studying
but it's much more fun
to sit on my bum
and write limiricks that dont even rhyme


While pondering words to put down
In limericks for coffee lounge
I thought this one up
E'en though it is crap
For it's all that my poor brain could scrounge
I thought I would try one more time
To come up with a great witty rhyme
I thought and I thank
And I still drew a blank
But it's still one more post count for Sim'
To whom we give thanks are the Somers
For this forum and all of its wonders
We praise their foresight
For building this site
And saving us all from our blunders
For finance it's got to be Rolf
While Dale aims for tax to engulf
M. Croft does his renos
While oft Les his pen flows
And Mike writes great tomes for the shelf
So succeeding in writing these verses
I endanger the wrath of the nurses
For I'm supposed to be cleaning
This house 'till this evening
And if I cease not there'll surely be curses
Only one more I promised I'd write
Lest the cleaning will take me all night
But this is more fun
I'll do more than one
While creativeness wants to take flight
So the lounge gives us Ruby and Asy
Whose work is just truely fantastic
For time to be waste
In subversion of chaste
And fulfilling our groovy ec-stasy
So I wonder if this be enough
Ne'er I penned all these rhymings so tough
You'd not think that in school
Thought I poets for fools
Still, 'tis math of the rhythms I love
There once was a fellow called Sim'
Who tried to give us a rhyme
The rhymes were so bad
that the lad made us mad
that police were called into the crime