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From: Sergey Golovin

Jay thanks for that.
Good article.

On practical side -

It is all OK, but who is going to supply all that information about all those suburbs and people and services located within those suburbs?

It is fine for all of us to read information about hypothetical suburb with hypothetical people living in those suburbs.

It changes dramatically as soon as we are beginning to read all valuable information about you and your income as part of that service...Is not it...?

Was program on the radio while ago and they have been talking about all sorts of surveys.

Anyway, for years they believed that people do give accurate information about them selves and only with introduction of new more powerful computers and software (where they can mix and match all sorts of data) they have realised that only something like 20-30% data does match and rest of it is all rubbish.

For example -
On the question “What is your income?” instead of $32K people are writing down $70K, and about 3/4 of all Sydney population lives in Double Bay and Kirribilli.

It is almost like electronic/information warfare.

All those IT (Statistical Data) personal is scratching their heads trying to figure it out what to do with all that rubbish. Chuck it out? But how do you know what is true and what is not? And what if it can be used somewhere else?

Anyway it is all very interesting and debatable.

We do need accurate data but what about our privacy?
How far are we prepared to push?

I know nothing is private anymore but still...

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